31.0.1 Resolutions Reporting Resolved an issue where modified reports could not be saved. Reporting Resolved an issue that could result in incorrect values  in the “Other” category of result tables. Reporting Resolved an issue where multiple instances of a report in a schedule were not migrated to the new Reporting correctly. Spam filtering Resolved an […]


31.0 Binary update to the RoamSafe Agent (reboot required). Enhancements Reporting The reporting functions have been completely reworked and are now all available under the “Reporting” menu item in the side bar. For details refer to XGEN Reporting. Dashboard The appliance home page is now a dashboard that shows important indicators of the current state […] Improvements VPN Improved detection of stale connections in Remote Access and RoamSafe VPNs. VPN Improved performance of site to site VPN connections. Firewall Improved performance of Intrusion Protection System. Resolutions VPN Resolved an issue where VPNs did not work as expected when used in certain load balancing configurations. Configuration Corrected an issue where changes to the Welcome Page configuration were not applied as expected. Email Addressed a compatibility issue with the Thunderbird email client. Enhancements Upgrade Optimized the removal of swap space. Resolutions Configuration Resolved an issue where a factory reset did not reset the network configuration correctly. Configuration Corrected an issue where some configuration changes did not persist under certain circumstances.


30.4.5 Enhancements IPsec Performance and stability improvements. Resolutions Internet Quotas Correct an issue with incorrect quota allocation when quota configuration changed. Configuration Resolved an issue that prevented users from selecting a custom intermediate SSL inspection certificate via the UI. Backup/Restore Ensure that the selected time zone is set correctly when restoring configuration.


30.4.4 Enhancements IPsec Improved detection of stale connections. IPsec Allow tunnel establishment to gateways that are NATed. YouTube Video Cache Improved caching of videos watched in Safari on iOS devices. Web Proxy Enhanced memory and inspection certificate management. Web Filtering Performance and stability improvements. Internet Auth Performance and stability improvements. ClearView Improved scanning of Facebook […]