Enhancements Network Monitoring Performance improvements of log processing. Administration Improved performance when viewing log files within the user interface. Resolutions Network Monitoring The Purge Data button located under Network Monitoring > General now functions as expected. Internet Quotas Resolve a display issue where session details were not shown correctly on the quota management page […]


30.4.2 New Features and Enhancements Quotas Performance improvements. Resolutions ClearView Changes to ClearView policies will be applied to all services immediately. Web Interface The restart link button on the link info page has been fixed. Web Interface The pass-through authentication page now works correctly when 802.11r support is enabled. Enhancements Web Interface Changes to access permission checks.


30.4.1 New Features and Enhancements Proxy Enhanced resilience to better handle certain malformed requests. Resolutions RoamSafe VPN Correctly restart IPsec tunnels after a network link failure. RoamSafe Agent Existing policies (URL Filtering and ClearView) are retained until the update of the agent has been successfully completed.


30.4 Binary update to the RoamSafe Agent (reboot required). New Features and Enhancements Item Details Web Filtering Classroom Control gives teachers the reassurance that web content they need to access in class will be available to them and their students, without delay and without having to involve the ICT department. This new featureĀ  allows teachers […]


30.2.6 New Features and Enhancements Item Details Proxy Improved performance of HTTPS certificate handling. Web Filtering Improved performance of categorisation local database updates. Problem Resolutions Firewall Resolved an issue where blacklisting alerts were not sent under certain circumstances. Web Interface Resolved an issue where the Bridge Mode configuration page was not accessible in certain configurations.


30.2.5 New Features and Enhancements Item Details Proxy Improved performance and scalability. Roamsafe Added a watchdog function to the Roamsafe Agent configuration manager. Roamsafe Increased performance of Roamsafe Agent configuration updates. Problem Resolutions Roamsafe iOS Allow access to LAN for Roamsafe iOS. Roamsafe iOS Resolve UI issue with configuration of Roamsafe iOS VPN subnet. New Features and Enhancements Item Details ClearView Enhancement to ClearView to better handle the Microsoft Lync and Google Hangouts platforms. Problem Resolutions Database Adjust some database maintenance tasks to better manage load.