31.5.2 Available for installation by the support team. 29 Jun 2018 Enhancements Core Platform Changed the way limits were applied to various services, improving system stability and improving performance on large sites. Core Platform Security and performance updates. Authentication Added a new pass-through authentication option for domain-bound MS Windows devices, using WMI from the Appliance […]


31.4.6 Available for installation. Binary update to the RoamSafe Agent (reboot required). 21 May 2018 Customers using the RoamSafe Agent in certain configurations may be required to do a small piece of housekeeping to ensure a clean transition. The three configuration types are listed below along with what if any action may be required from you: For […] Available for installation by the support team. 11 May 2018 Enhancements Domain Names As part of a system wide DNS upgrade, a new domain chsecure.zone has been introduced. The new domain will serve the CyberHound web interface sitekey.chsecure.zone and additional services such as VPN host names. The current safenetbox.biz will be deprecated in a […]


31.4.4 Available for installation by the support team. 15 February 2018 Enhancements Authentication New detailed logging when using 802.1x Authentication using the SYSLOG method. Site to Site VPN (IPSEC) IPsec tunnels can now bind to a secondary link IP Address. Site to Site VPN (IPSEC) Added configuration UI for using SNAT on IPSEC tunnels. Resolutions […]


31.4.3 Available for installation by the support team. 10 January 2018 Enhancements Administration The download link for the AIM client has been removed. Configuration Enhanced the validation of values in the Internet Link configuration page. Roamsafe Agent Enhanced help information for inspection exclusions on Windows clients. Resolutions Authentication Fixed an error that could prevent Internet […]


31.4.2 Available for installation by the support team. 7 December 2017 Enhancements Authentication Active Directory Passthru Authentication can process RADIUS accounting records sent by Cisco ISE via syslog. Roamsafe Agent User interface to allow managing MS Windows 8/10 application exclusions. Resolutions Authentication Resolved an issue that prevented reordering of authentication plugins. Web Interface Fix an […]


31.4.1 Available for installation by the support team. Binary update to the RoamSafe Agent (reboot required). Enhancements Roamsafe Agent Added support for macOS High Sierra. Dashboard Added an alert if the Cyberhound needs to be rebooted after a change in the enabled module set. Network Configuration Added validation to detect configuration of multiple Ethernet or […]


31.4 Available for installation by the support team. Enhancements LiveZone LiveZone introduces a new web based framework allowing access to real time Internet usage Dashboards, Classroom Controls, BYOD certificate on-boarding and more. LiveZone can be configured by accessing Configuration > Web Interface > LiveZone Configuration. Detailed information on LiveZone for Teachers, a setup & administration guide […]