Education Leaders

CyberHound gives Principals, Deputy Principals and other education leaders control over their school’s online environment – providing behavioural analytics to reduce online risks to students while significantly optimising learning outcomes in the classroom.

Empowering School Leaders

Over the last 17 years, CyberHound has worked hard to be the benchmark in education by providing the most comprehensive learning enablement and cybersafety solutions for schools.

By providing unique behavioural analytics we can help give school leaders more control – ensuring any online risks are identified early and students can be kept safe while also being taught how to become responsible digital citizens. This same 6S technology enables teachers and students engage in new forms of learning by removing the barriers that once held schools back. This helps support teachers to confidently use digital content and resources without the worry of access, internet speed or reliability, greatly reducing frustration and administration time.

Unified Threat Management

Our Unified Threat Management solution (UTM) is the ultimate solution – providing cybersecurity, cybersafety and a range of tools to enable reliable internet in class, reporting and behavioural analytics and in-class controls for teachers.

We offer schools the most comprehensive, purpose built solution, backed up by the best support and managed services capabilities in the industry.

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Data Sheets

Below are some downloadable datasheets outlining ways CyberHound can help education leaders.
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YouTube Analytics


While most parents are excellent and support the school and school decisions, some parents are placing incredibly unrealistic demands on our school leaders. A surprising number of school Principals have been threatened with physical harm, legal action or worse as a result of online bullying.

Julie Podbury President – Victorian Branch, Australian Principals Federation.

Enhancing Student Wellbeing

CyberHound’s Sixth Sense Technology enables School Leaders to gain a complete view of behavioural patterns from online activity. This unique capability gives School Leaders the insight to be able to prevent issues escalating, offer timely support or intervention and to enable better and more informed decision-making.

Through better visibility and evidence, we’re able to help protect students and enable timely support to those in need. Our unique technology, ClearView is able to analyse online patterns of behaviour and deliver Actionable Intelligence to School Leaders. 


Our senior research team members analysed data provided by over 100 school leaders to examine potential risks in the ongoing digital enablement in and outside classrooms across Australia. Our extensive research found a number of trends evident which are explored within our Digital Evolution Research Paper with independent research used to drill further into the key findings.

This research paper is designed to provide school leaders with an overview of the challenges and opportunities being faced by other schools across Australia and the priorities this has highlighted. Download the the Digitial Evolution Research Paper below: 


Protection for School Staff

Customised protection can also be implemented to prevent bullying of staff or reputational damage for the schools. 
According to the Principal Safety and Wellbeing Survey (completed by more than 3,600 school principals and assistant principals around Australia), a staggering 42% of Australian principals have been threatened with violence while 36% confess they have been bullied.


“Bullying and abuse is an increasing, but unwelcome, addition to the complex role of Australian principals.”

Improving Learning Outcomes

The CyberHound solution improves learning outcomes in many innovative ways. Through the optimisation of internet links and unique caching services of digital content, teachers are able to integrate tools such as YouTube into classes. This can be done reliably and with confidence about the access being fast and without creating an impact on other online services.

With advanced and reliable web filtering technologies the platform ensures that appropriate content for teaching is always available. By ensuring classes are not interrupted by content being blocked reduces teacher frustration and improves class productivity.

Easy application controls enable the use of video conferencing tools and social media when appropriate. Students can be protected from distraction by gaming and other social media applications by the tick of a box.

CyberHound delivered on everything they promised. All students are now given access to tools such as YouTube and we know the risks are being managed by this unique solution.

Robert Dullard, Deputy Principal, Penola Catholic College


Simplified Classroom Experience for Teachers

We’re able to reduce frustration and provide greater controls and internet transparency for teachers while ensuring internet performance is optimised so teachers can confidently use digital content. We’ve developed technology specifically designed to enhance learning opportunities in the classroom – LiveView is a tool that provides students with a real-time view of their web-based activities, delivering immediate feedback to students (and teachers) to help keep them focused. Our ability to integrate with leading Learning Management System (LMS) platforms gives teachers seamless classroom controls.

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