CyberHound Support

CyberHound provides technical support for all customers with a current license subscription. Requests for support can be logged online or by calling the CyberHound support team during support hours.

Holiday Support Hours – Please note we are closed Public Holidays. 

+ 61 7 3020 3330

VPN Guides

To assist and support you as you transition to a remote working and learning environment, we have prepared downloadable VPN guides for you to complete and send to staff and teachers required to remotely access the school network from home.

We have also created a configuration guide for ICT teams for IKEv2 Remote Access Server set up. Please download these below and don’t hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.


Support Priority

CyberHound prioritises requests for support based on severity of each issue.

Severity Level Target Response Time
1. A total loss of service that cannot be circumvented 2 hour
2. Service is partially interrupted or impaired 4 hour
3. Minor impact on usage that can be circumvented 24 hour
4. Problem circumvented – little or no customer impact. General requests for information. 24 Hour

Release Notes

This section provides a detailed list of release notes for several versions of the CyberHound UTM platform. Firmware updates can managed by system administrators using the update scheduler within the CyberHound or by requesting a push update from the CyberHound support team.


Managed Services

CyberHound provides a fully Managed Service support offering for the CyberHound platform for customers with the required Managed Service subscription. Support and Change requests can be logged online or by calling the CyberHound support team during standard support hours.

Submitting Spam

CyberHound offers email filtering. On rare occasions, spam may leak through the filters. If it does, you can help improve the filtering by submitting spam samples to us.