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CyberHound offers a unique pastoral care and digital citizenship enablement solution that provides a range of tools and features to help support students. We’re committed to enhancing student wellbeing through better visibility and evidence to help protect students and enable timely support to those in need.

Protecting Students by Promoting Responsible Internet Use

CyberHound’s ClearView platform acts as a catalyst to enable enhanced protection for students while at the same time reinforcing the training and policies that are set by the school around positive digital citizenship.

The technology is able to identify patterns of behaviour that indicate a risk, or policy that has been breached. It immediately identifies evidence-based triggers that can support the circumstantial events and intuition of professionals within the school – identifying patterns of behaviour from webmail, search activity, web browsing, chat as well as common social media platforms.

CyberHound offers a best practice implementation service with pre-configured and proven policies that can be used immediately on deployment.

Unified Threat Management

Our Unified Threat Management solution (UTM) is the ultimate solution – providing cybersecurity, cybersafety and a range of tools to enable reliable internet in class, reporting and behavioural analytics and in-class controls for teachers.

We offer schools the most comprehensive, purpose built solution, backed up by the best support and managed services capabilities in the industry.

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Wellbeing Comes First 

Our service puts the wellbeing of students first. We enable key school staff to identify and be aware of behavioural activities, things like cyberbullying, inappropriate or concerning search activity, and worrying patterns of online behaviour. This vital information strengthens school wellbeing programs and helps prevent situations from escalating.

When combined with your school’s online usage policies and wellbeing programs, CyberHound’s platform delivers your school the most comprehensive protection system around.

Data Sheets

Below are some downloadable datasheets outlining ways CyberHound can enhance wellbeing in school environments.

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CyberHound Technology Assisting Student Wellbeing:

 Josh Martin, the Director of eLearning at Tyndale Christian School talks us through the benefits of using CyberHound’s technology at his school.

  •   School specific technology
  •   Easy tailoring of the product to the schools requirements
  •   Assists in maintaining students wellbeing
  •   Monitors search patterns and flags inappropriate search terms

Digital Citizenship Benefits:

  • ClearView technology
    CyberHound’s digital citizenship platform uses its patented ClearView technology and its advanced web and application filtering technology
  • Best practice implementation
    A best practice implementation helps schools implement the solution, with ease of customisation and support from CyberHound advisors.
  • Help enforce support
    The solution helps schools enforce the principles of student respect and support for each other
  • Acceptable use policies
    Acceptable use policies for all internet use, communication and bullying can be enforced through self-learning and student reports (LiveZone).
  • Reduced workload
    The solution helps reduce the workload of professional welfare officers in schools by helping students manage their own behaviour and learn from mistakes
  • Evidence-based triggers
    Serious behavioural issues can be quickly escalated to school leaders, providing evidence-based triggers to act on
  • Student Welfare platform
    Vulnerable or at-risk students can be monitored more closely using the Student Welfare platform
  • Prevent bullying
    Customised protection can also be implemented to prevent bullying of staff or reputational damage for the school

Supporting Wellbeing

CyberHound’s unique pattern-matching engine is used to identify the most serious cases of risk to students’ welfare. This includes behavioural indicators of self-harm, eating disorders and drug use. It is also used to prevent and identify predatory approaches to students.

The standard implementation is to provide a daily summary of risks to staff in a school but it can also be set to email a dedicated pastoral care representative immediately a risk is detected. The service can also immediately provide a link to various help sites for a student to contact and access support resources.


ClearView has assisted schools around the world in dealing with real issues such as cyber-bullying, identifying early cases of potential self-harm, preventing predators from contacting students and many other valuable examples. Most importantly it can help identify the silent victims, who otherwise may go undetected.

I strongly endorse the CyberHound Appliance pattern matching solution to all schools.
We have already seen extraordinary benefits in our schools – including the prevention
of suicides and the protection of our students from predators.

Lynne Doneley Executive Officer, Associated Christian Schools

Preventing Radicalisation

Most schools also provide ongoing education and training from external experts in online safety. The Digital Citizenship mode enables a school to enforce the policies it has in place and the rules it has set. It acts as a ‘virtual digital guardian’ and provides immediate training and feedback to students who breach policies.

The solution also provides a solution against the threat of radicalisation and extremism from outside the school. The pattern matching technology helps identify threats from outside and enables schools to provide a safety net for students from being influenced – a growing issue in schools around the world. 

Actionable Intelligence

A best practice approach in implementing this is to block the communications (preventing offense in the first place) and to provide immediate feedback to students who use the internet inappropriately or use offensive language.

Reports can also be generated on a weekly or monthly basis to give school executives reports showing consistently high offenders for further follow up.

Organisations such as the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, who deliver the eSmart program, fully support the use of the CyberHound platform to complement and enforce their program.

Our Pastoral Care and Digital Citizenship enablement platform (if used now or in the future) offers a unique point of difference for the school in complementing other student welfare programs.


Student Wellbeing Enablement Features

CyberHound’s unique Pastoral Care and Digital Citizenship Enablement platform provides
a range of advantages to help schools support their students.

  • Reports and alerts
    Reports and alerts to identify areas of need for pastoral care.
  • Responsible digital citizenship
    Reports to assist in focusing attention on students requiring assistance in becoming responsible digital citizens.
  • Identification of perpetrators
    Identification of perpetrators of inappropriate communications or behaviour for early intervention.
  • Real-time feedback
    Real-time feedback to students who access inappropriate content to enforce responsible digital citizenship training and policies.
  • Electronic barrier
    Provision of an electronic barrier to protect students from unwanted or aggressive communications.
  • LiveView App
    LiveZone contains the LiveView App that helps students moderate their own behaviour by being held accountable for their activity.
  • Enhance classroom productivity
    By enhancing classroom productivity, teachers are able to focus on teaching and not worry about IT or student distractions.
  • Evidence-based triggers
    Evidence-based triggers on students’ on-line activities, helping to identify at-risk students 
reduces the administrative burden and stress on staff.
  • Customised protection
    Customised protection can also be implemented to prevent bullying of staff.

CyberHound has allowed Year Coordinators to monitor student internet and social media usage. This knowledge has helped them to tailor pastoral programs which focus on helping students to construct an ethical digital footprint and safe use of technology.

Marie Wood Director of Students , Kincoppal-Rose Bay School

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