Primary Schools

CyberHound provides all the support & services to successfully enhance learning opportunities and the use of digital content in primary schools.

A Tailored Solution for Primary Schools

As the digital education movement sweeps through Australian schools, it brings with it new learning opportunities for thousands of students across the country. Primary schools face a unique challenge in embracing this evolution. These challenges typically come from limited technology skills often within the primary school and low budgets to acquire and manage the necessary services, skills and support.

CyberHound understands these challenges that are faced by primary schools and the pressure on them to safely and reliably introduce innovative digital learning and the complexities associated with this task. That’s why we have developed a solution specifically for Australian primary schools that help these schools become digital leaders.

A Unique Solution for Primary Schools

CyberHound’s solution for primary schools has been packaged to deliver all the tools and services a school would need. It includes a fully managed service that can be bundled with internet connectivity.

The CyberHound Solution includes:


  • Cybersecurity
    Using a Next Generation Firewall to secure your school network.
  • Optimised Performance
    Internet is boosted from CyberHound's unique caching technology.
  • Cybersafety
    With control over all web use as well as a unique solution called ClearView that can detect online behavioural risks and alert staff to them when they occur.
  • Full Control
    Of any school iPads.
  • Simplify
    Simplified use of the internet makes it easy and safe for students to access the internet and easy for teachers to control internet use in class.
  • Insightful Reports
    Reports that are easy to understand and help to identify students requiring help or guidance on appropriate internet use, including detailed YouTube analytics.

Why Are Primary Schools Unique? 

  • For primary school children, online wellbeing must focus on protection and teaching responsible online behaviour. CyberHound’s customised online policies and education-focused features support this.
  • Introducing adaptive learning techniques like coding increases the reliance schools are placing on device use and the internet for learning in primary schools. Managing multiple devices on the school Wi-Fi can become challenging without the right solution and service partner.
  • Limited IT resources can mean primary schools need a service partner with proven experience that they can really rely on.
  • The availability of online learning apps and YouTube content has increased the adoption of tablet use in primary schools. Schools have to manage this and be more conscious of the impact application updates have on their Internet reliability and costs.
  • While embedded online tools help primary schools deliver more structured, collaborative activities in the classroom, teachers need the flexibility and control to be able to set online lesson plans. They also require the ability to see what students are accessing and to restrict access easily in class, if needed.

We’ll Manage the CyberHound Solution For You

We offer primary schools a fully Managed Service, ensuring their CyberHound solution is optimally implemented while removing the administrative and technical burdens for school staff.
Our Managed Service provides proactive monitoring and recommendations, ongoing enhancements, online change requests and complete peace of mind for school executives.

Primary school student using CyberHound

Developing Our Future 

Technology helps us to nurture 21st century learners who are cognitively nimble, creative problem-solvers and adept seekers rather than possessors of knowledge.

CyberHound’s intuitive technology helps to protect students in a safe online environment where the teacher is control of what they can and can’t access. 

Digital Risk Assessment

Our Digital Risk Assessment (DRA) provides primary schools with a comprehensive report based on industry best practice in key areas. 
This confidential report details risks as well as specific recommendations.
Book your Digitial Risk Assessment today –





CyberHound was the only company that completely understood our needs and was able to offer
a solution that met the particular requirements.

Dolores Giordimainan, Deputy Principal, Seabrook Primary School



An increasing number of primary schools are adopting iPads and other tablet devices as education tools. RoamSafe is designed specifically for iPads and helps schools to:

  • Protect students from online risks.
  • Provide customised access to certain websites and applications in compliance with the school’s online policy – on and even off campus.
  • Apply different policies to each year group.
  • Enforce Google and YouTube safety tools.
  • Identify any at-risk online behaviour.



Bundled Internet Connectivity Solutions

By bundling your internet and CyberHound solution, you’ll save time and money while receiving the ultimate in security, cybersafety, connectivity and digital learning tools. It can all be billed monthly as well.
Make sure your classrooms are fully enabled to embrace digital learning and organise a Digital Risk Assessment.

Data Sheets

Below are some downloadable datasheets outlining ways CyberHound can help Primary Schools.
If you require any further information, call us on 1300 737 060.





Classroom Control


ClearView Summary Diagram


PrimarySafe Overview