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CyberHound provides complete protection for students through it’s ultimate Learning Enablement Platform. By simplifying the complexity of managing online activity, it allows you to focus on teaching.

ICT Simplicity for Primary Schools

CyberHound provides Primary Schools with the ultimate Learning Enablement Platform, offering complete protection for students. It has been designed in Australia to simplify the growing complexity of managing online activity in primary schools – for example the use of eLearning tools, web browsing, or application use.

With the CyberHound solution in place you can focus on teaching while we take care of the IT needs to deliver reliable and safe internet experiences, making it easy for teachers and students.

Learning Enablement and Cybersafety 

CyberHound’s solution for primary schools has been packaged to deliver all the tools and services a school would need. It includes a fully managed service that can be bundled with internet connectivity.

The CyberHound Solution includes:


  • Time Saving
    Accessing Wi-Fi, using BYO Devices, preventing inappropriate online.
  • Simplified
    We take care of managing the service for you, to save you time and money.
  • Cost Saving
    An all-in-one solution with full, locally provided support that can also help prevent expensive internet upgrades.
  • Education Delivery
    Intuitive technology that integrates with your learning management system, giving you control and visibility in the classroom, as well as enabling new content to be used in class.
  • Improved Transparency
    For all internet use including web and applications.

How Do Primary
Schools Benefit?

  • Predictable costs – no additional ongoing support costs.
  • Any changes can be easily requested and we take care of it for you.
  • No need to worry about holiday or sickness cover – we are always here for you.
  • We set it up for you using a best practice implementation model we have developed over many years of working with primary schools.
  • No need for IT training – we take care of the solution for you.

CyberHound was the only company that completely understood our needs and was able to offer
a solution that met the particular requirements.

Dolores Giordimainan, Deputy Principal, Seabrook Primary School

We’ll Manage the CyberHound Solution For You

We offer primary schools a fully Managed Service, ensuring their CyberHound solution is optimally implemented while removing the administrative and technical burdens for school staff.
Our Managed Service provides proactive monitoring and recommendations, ongoing enhancements, online change requests and complete peace of mind for school executives.

Primary school student using CyberHound

Developing Our Future 

Technology helps us to nurture 21st century learners who are cognitively nimble, creative problem-solvers and adept seekers rather than possessors of knowledge.

CyberHound’s intuitive technology helps to protect students in a safe online environment where the teacher is control of what they can and can’t access. 

Bundled Internet Connectivity Solutions

CyberHound is able to deliver reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity solutions to primary schools right around Australia. This includes backup links at low cost.
By bundling your internet and CyberHound solution, you’ll save time and money while receiving the ultimate in security, cybersafety, connectivity and digital learning tools. It can all be billed monthly as well.
Make sure your classrooms are fully enabled to embrace digital learning and organise a Digital Risk Assessment.

Data Sheets

Below are some downloadable datasheets outlining ways CyberHound can help Primary Schools.
If you require any further information, call us on 1300 737 060.

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