Classroom Control

Puts control of the internet back in the hands of teachers for improved lesson outcomes, efficiency and reliability.

Unique Features Developed For Teachers

CyberHound’s unique Classroom Control gives teachers the ability to better manage internet access in their classrooms. Simply,
it provides the means and reassurance for teachers to provide customised content access for their class, without delay.


What are the Specific Benefits?


Classroom Control

  • Ability to open internet access to specific websites that are normally blocked by the school’s web filtering policies.
  • Pre-schedule access and duration of the class ahead of time.
  • Enable the tool at the the beginning of class, simply by clicking 'start'.
  • Restrict the Classroom Control to students in a specific class.
  • Disable access to all websites and allow access to the websites you choose to allow.

Classroom Control can be accessed from within a school’s Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers can use this tool with the LMS providers we already integrate with – contact us for further details.

Educator Wellbeing

Facilitating wellbeing enables teachers to perform at an optimum level. An enhanced level of wellbeing in turn sees educators delivering the best possible learning outcomes for students. But how to begin the journey to enhanced teacher wellbeing?

Download the paper below:


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Prepare Your Class Access Ahead of Time 

Classroom Control improves productivity by helping teachers schedule the duration and format of their lessons.  

For efficiency, multiple video links can be loaded for a single classroom session while
also ensuring peace of mind that all inappropriate sites will continue to be blocked.


Classroom Control


Extensive Support For Students 

Classroom Control adds to the suite of tools offered by CyberHound to help keep students focused, engaged, productive and safe online.


Classroom Control

CyberHound customers are reporting dramatic teaching benefits from the platform. This comes from the
reliability it offers and the controls it puts in the hands of those that need them most – the teachers.

Adam Smith Head of Products, CyberHound.