Flexible Deployment

CyberHound’s unique solutions can be deployed in a wide range of ways. These include on-premise, in the cloud, on devices outside the network and even as a software only solution. The CyberHound Managed Services team supports all of these options

Choose the Best and Most Cost Effective Option

CyberHound’s deployment flexibility offers the greatest freedom for schools to choose the best and most cost effective option for their needs. Most schools today deploy the solution as a physical on-premise appliance using one of CyberHound’s tested appliance range. These support up to thousands of users with the fastest internet links and networks.

CyberHound’s implementation specialists work with schools to determine the best option for their individual situation and we are always happy to discuss the options available to the school.

Options are available for smaller schools and even the very smallest primary school has an easy deployment option with a platform that does not need a server room or server rack.

Download our Flexible Deployment Data Sheet below:


CyberHound’s on-site engineers and managed services team have been fantastic. They planned the implementation with great care and gave us clear expectations on what to expect and how long it would take. Since we installed the solution, their services team has been extremely helpful and professional. I enjoy dealing with them.

Anthony Austin ICT Manager, Penola Catholic College

Deployment Considerations and Planning

CyberHound’s technical consultants will work with a school to define the best deployment option and then plan the scoping for the implementation. The scoping exercise takes 1-2 hours and the outcome is a documented summary of the implementation for the school and how the CyberHound solution will be set up.

A trained CyberHound implementation specialist will implement the solution, set up policies and provide training during the implementation process. Once the service is cut over, the CyberHound Managed Services team provide remote support and assistance as required by the school.

Hardware Deployment

While we offer virtual and hardware solutions, including the latest Intel technology (H, HR, HR Series) for our customer, we recommend that larger schools take advantage of the physical hardware benefits.

  • Custom Build
    Custom building and pre-testing of the hardware appliance before delivery
  • On-site Support
    On-site hardware support from the hardware manufacturer
  • Scalable Performance
    Scalable performance and options to upgrade storage (for the YouTube caching service) and network interfaces – for internet link and LAN upgrades to 10 GbE

Did you know CyberHound was the first company in the world to offer a virtual appliance to schools?