Business Managers

CyberHound offers Business Managers an affordable investment with predictable costs and no hidden surprises.
Our all-in-one solution prioritises risk-management to protect the school, staff and students while improving the availability and use of IT resources.

Optimising Your School’s IT Investment, now and for the Future.

The CyberHound solution provides schools with a complete solution that future-proofs IT investments and saves schools money in the short and long-term. Our solution reduces administration on a variety of levels – our seamless integration with Learning Management System (LMS) platforms saves teachers time in the classroom, while our zero-touch BYOD service minimises effort for students and IT staff.

We’re able to optimise existing internet links that not only improve internet reliability in the classroom but also delays the need for expensive link upgrades. Our unique caching services means schools can embrace effective online learning tools like YouTube and ebooks and not have to worry about exceeding data limits or impacting overall school internet performance.

Unified Threat Management

Our Unified Threat Management solution (UTM) is the ultimate solution – providing cybersecurity, cybersafety and a range of tools to enable reliable internet in class, reporting and behavioural analytics and in-class controls for teachers.

We offer schools the most comprehensive, purpose built solution, backed up by the best support and managed services capabilities in the industry.

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We upgraded to the CyberHound service, including all of our internet services, and we are very happy with the results. We had a previous service that was not delivering the functionality we required or offering any new features. Moving to CyberHound has proven to be an excellent decision. The service from their team has been outstanding and all 5 of our schools are really enjoying the benefits it now offers and the proactive support. We were also pleased with the financial proposal from CyberHound to combine their service with internet services for all 5 schools which has given us considerable cost savings over the next 3 years. I would recommend them strongly to other schools.

Ibrahim Elkadomi President – Business Manager – Australian International Academy

Data Sheets

Below are some downloadable datasheets outlining ways CyberHound can benefit Business Managers in schools.



YouTube Analytics


Risk Management

The CyberHound Solution can avert a variety of risks resulting from online behaviour such as cyberbullying.

Predatory approaches can also be prevented and student wellbeing support is enhanced. The school’s reputation can be protected from inappropriate online activity. Full alerting and reporting enables swift action to be taken.

While most parents are excellent and support the school and school decisions, some parents are placing incredibly unrealistic demands on our school leaders. A surprising number of school Principals have been threatened, with physical harm, legal action or worse as a result of online bullying.

Julie Podbury President – Victorian Branch, Australian Principals Federation.

No Nonsense Financial Proposition

CyberHound is proud to provide a ‘No Surprises Guarantee’, meaning customers can enjoy the reassurance that there will be no further licensing costs for the contract term if schools upgrade internet links, increase student numbers or even if you add more devices to the network (e.g. allowing secondary devices to connect to your Wi-Fi). This no nonsense guarantee can save tens of thousands of dollars over the term of the contract and is providing certainty and peace of mind in budgeting.

Improve Staff Wellbeing

The CyberHound Solution enhances staff wellbeing in a variety of ways.

  • Reducing frustration from accessing internet-based resources supports staff by reducing their administrative and stress-related burden.
  • Evidence-based triggers on students’ on-line activities, helping to identify at-risk students 
reduces the administrative burden and stress on staff.
  • By enhancing classroom productivity, teachers are able to focus on teaching and not worry about IT or student distractions.
  • Customised protection can also be implemented to prevent bullying of staff.

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