XGEN Reporting

Taking you further, faster

Intuitive, Efficient and Accurate 

Imagine a reporting platform that not only captures the data you need, but also delivers it quickly and in a variety of ways. Add to that a new-look dashboard that is simple, intuitive and easy to use, and you have XGEN Reporting.

All CyberHound customers benefit from this innovation to our core platform that is provided as a complementary part of our ongoing service.

XGEN Reporting is unmatched in capability and will transform the way you see and manage your reporting and the way you communicate it.

CyberHound v31 XGEN Dashboard

5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Switch to XGEN Reporting:


  •    New dashboard provides the critical information you need at a glance.
  •    Access online intelligence easily and quickly.
  •    Fast report delivery tailored to the staff who need it.
  •    Clean and dynamic reporting interface that’s easy to use by non-technical people.
  •    Highly customisable reports; one report can provide insight into multiple student groups.

XGEN is a reporting platform that will
take you further, faster.

XGEN Reporting


YouTube Analytics


Innovation and Efficiency 

CyberHound’s XGEN Reporting provides System Administrators with a modern platform with streamlined reporting capability and functionality.

This means, for school network management, the ultimate transparency and behavioural analytics which facilitates a completely customisable and seamless report delivery. 

YouTube Video - see what students are watching online

Deep Dive into
the Data you Need

Increased granularity means our reporting interface can show you exactly what YouTube videos students are watching.

Actionable Intelligence

XGEN Reporting gives school leaders Actionable Intelligence – alerting to important online activity in real-time or from the past.

CyberHound's Actionable Intelligence

Integrated and Reliable

The CyberHound solution can be fully integrated into other services your school uses.

We have developed formal certifications with leading Learning Management System (LMS), eBook and Wi-Fi providers to provide peace of mind for customers. As the leading provider to Australian schools you can rely on CyberHound.

CyberHound XGEN Reporting

XGEN Reporting makes it easier to find what you need and quickly.


Not only have we developed a more intuitive experience, we’ve also upgraded our reporting tool to improve what you can see and report on.