A paradigm shift for schools

Discover a Paradigm Shift for Schools

CyberHound’s new innovative, easy to use portal for school leaders, teachers and students, LiveZone, is now available. Dramatically improving teaching efficiency and student accountability, LiveZone gives access to the day-to-day tools each user needs – all through one simple interface.
Go Live to find out how LiveZone will deliver improved teaching efficiency and student productivity in class. 

Teacher Controls

CyberHound’s UX Teacher Portal gives teaching staff access to real-time student analytics in the classroom. Teachers can immediately assess if each student is remaining on task during lessons.

LiveZone empowers students and staff by delivering an enhanced classroom internet experience with a single access point for valuable tools.

  • LiveView
    A self-service tool for student productivity, showing their online activity and provides teachers with a real-time view of a student’s internet use.
  • Classroom Control for Teachers
    Total control over in-class internet use for teachers.
  • Classroom Control for Students
    Access to specialist content or in-class restrictions (e.g. for exams).
  • YouTube Analytics
    Granular visibility over all YouTube use, including individual video details.
  • Certificate On Boarding
    Enabling new BYOD devices to be used immediate.
  • Quota Dashboard
    Real-time updates for each user's data usage.


Improving Teaching Efficiency and Student Productivity in Class

CyberHound’s LiveZone is easy to use for school leaders, teachers and students. It provides comprehensive role-based controls, leveraging evidence-based reporting and analytics to enhance learning outcomes. It also gives access to the day-to-day tools each user needs – all through one simple interface.
Download the LiveZone Data Sheet below:


LiveZone provides teachers with visibility over in-class internet access and browsing history. This enables students to be more focused in class, giving them a higher probability of academic achievement. Schools also benefit from reduced issues relating to inappropriate use of internet and applications.

Helping Students SpeakUp For Each Other 

CyberHound is seeking to change the way young people think and react to concerns relating to them or others when concerning situations occur.

SpeakUp enables students to log concerns about the welfare and wellbeing of themselves or fellow students in a super easy and empowering portal available through LiveZone. Young people now have a way to SpeakUp.

SpeakUp can be used by students to report on any of the following concerns: 

  • Physical and self harm
  • Threatening and harassing behaviours
  • Bullying – including cyberbullying
  • Racism and hate speech
  • Predatory behaviours
  • Anything that may be concerning them

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Simplified IT

IT staff benefit from reduced workloads resulting from unplanned interruptions from colleagues and students. In-class controls mean less IT requests and allow classes to run more efficiently.
These add up to a less stressful environment in the school as lessons (and staff and students) aren’t being interrupted.
Teachers can better prepare for lessons as appropriate content for the curriculum can be delivered when and where it needs to be.
Simplified quota management of bandwidth limits the amount of internet a student can use during a day. This ultimately can save on internet costs and enables students to be conscious of the data they’re using.

Certificate on-boarding allows simplified use of BYO devices. This enables schools to confidently implement a BYOD program, resulting in savings from not needing to purchase computers each year.

LiveZone Reporting