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CyberHound Partnerships

CyberHound has a diverse range of Technology, Community and Strategic Partners whom they work very closely with to push paradigm boundaries. 

Strategic Partners

CyberHound’s Strategic Partners are offered benefits for their own organisation and the schools they represent.
The benefits we provide include:
  •   Access to a unique cybersafety and behavioural analytics technology.
  •   Availability of unique tools to facilitate digital leadership in classrooms.
  •   Complementary Digital Risk Management Assessment for member schools.
  •   Special pricing for member schools.
  •   Time saving in the selection and procurement processes.
  •   Consistency of policy across member schools.

Christian Schools Australia

Christian Schools Australia is a peak group serving the diverse needs of a large network of independent Christian schools, while also providing professional services, development, direct assistance, information and advice to its members.

CyberHound has been supporting Christian Schools Australian for over 7 years and protects over 40% of students in Christian Schools across Australia and continuing to grow.

“We have worked with CyberHound for over 7 years and have been delighted with the partnership. They have delivered real value to our schools – in financial terms as well as through the unique cybersafety capabilities they provide. They are committed to the continual development of their technology solutions, and even more committed to the positive difference they can make across the school environment, from protecting students from online harms through to the early detection of students at risk.  I have found them to be professional at all times and to take a long-term view in building their relationships and customer base. This approach means I have been able to ask for assistance for some schools at times and have been delighted by the response. They are continually innovating with new features designed for schools. I would recommend them as a trusted and preferred partner for any education body that is keen to promote the best solutions to its schools.”  Stephen O’Doherty, CEO, Christian Schools Australia

Read the Partnership Announcement here.



Australian Principals Federation

The Australian Principals Federation represents State Primary and Secondary Principals in the industrial arena in the states of Victoria and Western Australia.

CyberHound is working closely with the Australian Principals Federation to provide cybersafety and learning enablement for their member schools while also actively supporting the work they are doing nationally.

“CyberHound is an outstanding service and offers significant value to principals by helping then prevent stress amongst the executive leadership group by reliably preventing or enabling early intervention for ‘at risk’ online behaviour.” Julie Podbury, VIC President, Australian Principals Federation.

Read the Partnership Announcement here.

Associated Christian Schools Australia 

Associated Christian Schools Australia was founded by a group of Christian school principals and promotes Christian culture and education in their member schools.

CyberHound continues to support Associated Christian Schools Australia by providing their schools with a safe online environment for their students.

“CyberHound is a company I have worked with for many years and have confidence in their current solutions and ability to add value to schools in reducing risk and providing the ultimate level of online protection to our students.”  Lynne Doneley, Executive Officer, Associated Christian Schools Australia

South Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (SASPA)

SASPA provides advocacy and support for members, relevant professional learning and promotes the work of school leaders. Its membership includes the majority of all Government schools with a secondary component in South Australia.

The partnership represents a long-term commitment by SASPA to deliver benchmark cybersafety to staff and students across it member network as well as enhancing elearning opportunities for them.

“Many schools across our network are already benefiting from the CyberHound solution. This partnership represents a long-term commitment to help other member-schools keep students safe online and enhance eLearning opportunities.” Peter Mader, President, SASPA

Read the Partnership Announcement here.

Lutheran Schools Assoc

Lutheran Schools Association

The Lutheran Schools Association is a collaborative team enabling, encouraging and supporting our sites of learning to be thriving, innovative providers of quality education in a Lutheran context. 

“It’s our goal to ensure Lutheran schools across our network are given access to affordable and effective online protection and leading cybersafety services.”

“We’ve been able to negotiate an affordable package with CyberHound that will support our schools across a range of areas – from protecting student welfare and helping to optimise and modernise our online environments,” Rod Wearn, Education Leader at the Lutheran Schools Association. 

Read the Partnership Announcement here.



The Federation of British International Schools in Asia, is a membership association of British International Schools of quality in the Asian region.

The schools in the Federation work together to provide a range of combined events for their students; professional development opportunities for their teachers; and collaboration on a range of matters that support the provision of a British-styled education in the region.

Founded in 1988, and registered with the Registry of Societies in Singapore in 2002, the Federation now has 55 member schools from Brunei, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Brunei.

CyberHound is an affiliate member of FOBISIA and are committed to supporting the Federation by providing their member schools with safe online environments for their students.


 Technology Partners

Technology partners (or channel partners) are organisations that CyberHound connects with to increase the provision of access, support, services and value for its customers.

Aruba HP

Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Aruba is a networking vendor selling enterprise wireless LAN and edge access networking equipment worldwide.  Aruba is redefining the IT edge with mobility and IOT Solutions for organisations.

CyberHound’s partnership with Aruba ensures that businesses, schools and other organisations can seamlessly scan and report inappropriate communications in social media, chat, instant messaging, and Web 2.0 applications.  Aruba has certified CyberHound’s web filtering and the ClearView social media governance and control platforms to interoperate with Aruba’s enterprise wireless LAN infrastructure.

“True mobility solutions require systems that interoperate effortlessly. Aruba Edge partners like CyberHound share our vision of secure mobility, innovation, a commitment to customer service, and a focus on device interoperability.” Michael Tennefoss, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a CyberHound Technical Partner

A Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) has been in the innovation business for more than 75 years and strives to provide technology solutions that help businesses deliver leading-edge, high-performance solutions.

HPE’s focus on technological innovation and 24/7 onsite support coverage means our customers enjoy high performing systems, high efficiency and excellent reliability.


Lenovo combines two pioneering technology companies – Lenovo and IBM – and is one of the world’s leading personal technology companies, producing innovative PCs and mobile internet devices. A global Fortune 500 company, Lenovo is the world’s largest PC vendor and third largest smartphone company.

CyberHound utilises Lenovo’s technology as its appliance platform.



ReadCloud, the innovative Australian company that created the world’s first social eReading platform specifically designed for schools, delivers the entire Australian curriculum digitally through a single App.

The integration gives schools more choice as to how they want to deliver the curriculum. Technically, it means CyberHound is able to cache the eBooks delivered by ReadCloud and this significantly enhances efficiency and reduces costs for schools.

Read the Partnership Announcement here.


CyberHound integrates with the SEQTA platform to provide a number of tools for teachers, students and welfare staff. Teaching staff can view student web activity and manage Internet access using Classroom Controls within SEQTA TEACH while students can access specific content using the SEQTA ENGAGE portal.  In addition welfare officers are able to view important student data to assist in identifying at risk students and inappropriate Internet activities.

Read the Partnership Announcement here.


Xirrus is a leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Xirrus Array-based solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances with wired-like reliability and superior security.

CyberHound has been recognised as a ‘Performance Partner’ the highest partnership level in the Xirrus Technology Alliance Partner Program.  Xirrus and CyberHound have certified each other’s solutions for interoperability, providing efficient integration, and allowing new features and functionality to be tested with each other’s products to provide a scalable, secure and highly reliable wireless infrastructure.  



Community Supporters

CyberHound supports the work these organisations do in the Australian community.


The Alannah and Madeline Foundation 

The Foundation was set up in memory of Alannah and Madeline Mikac, aged 6 and 3, who were tragically killed with their mother and 32 others at Port Arthur, Tasmania, on 28 April 1996. The Foundation was launched in 1997 and has been operating for almost 20 years.

Their key objectives are to care for children who have experienced or witnessed serious violence; reduce the incidence of bullying, cyber bullying and other cyber risks; and, advocate for the safety and wellbeing of children.

CyberHound has been a long-time supporter of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and endorses the work they do to keep children safe from violence.

R U Ok?

R U OK? is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Gavin Larkin in 2009, whose vision is a world where we’re all connected and are protected from suicide. Accordingly, their mission is to encourage and equip everyone to regularly and meaningfully ask “are you ok?” 

CyberHound has been a long-time supports organisations like R U OK? who actively try to promote mental health intervention and support.


Stay Smart Online 

CyberHound is proud to be a partner of the Australian Government’s online safety and security website staysmartonline.gov.au. As a partner we are serious about online safety and are dedicated to promoting key online safety messages across our industry and community. 




Industry Connections

CyberHound is recognised by national organisations as being a quality and reliable supplier. 


QAssure has approved and accredited CyberHound as a national ICT Supplier. 

QAussure’s approval is not given without considerable checks and balances. Only ICT suppliers that are credible and fit for purpose are accredited. As a result, our QAssure tick of approval gives vendors confidence in the quality and service they’ll receive from the businesses we list.


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