Manage Reputation Risks

CyberHound’s unique feature ClearView helps manage reputational and legal risks by alerting on issues of inappropriate communications or internet use,
while also preventing issues such as workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.

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Improve Staff Productivity

Harness the power of social media, while providing transparency and controls for managing staff internet use.

Enhance Performance, Reliability and Security

Enhance internet performance and reliability from existing internet links, while protecting your network against vulnerabilities & security threats.

Business Solutions

For over eighteen years, CyberHound has been delivering internet management and web optimisation systems. Our systems enable Australian businesses, corporations and government agencies with the ability to leverage the benefits of the internet and operate effectively in the digital world.

We help organisations take control of network activity by providing real-time social media controls, unparalleled granular filtering and next generation firewall security.

Our systems are designed to make the internet more reliable, cost- effective and easier to use. Our solutions include next generation firewalls, secure web gateways and unparalleled web filtering through to social media governance and compliance platforms that reduce the risks associated with accessing the internet.

We’ve brought all of this together within one seamless and advanced control platform that gives customers access to the benefits of the internet with the reassurances to be able to get on with things.

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A Managed Security Solution offering a Rapid Return on Investment.

CyberHound offers a unique suite of productivity, risk management and security features that are packaged up into an easy to use solution that is easily managed.

With so much value residing in customer databases and other intellectual property, our solution also offers the ability to secure this data and prevent it being shared electronically – even against accidental disclosure.

  • Security
  • Network Controls
  • Malware Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Staff Productivity


  • Internet Performance Gains
  • Reduced IT Administration
  • Cost Saving
  • Reporting


  • Improving staff productivity
    Just gaining an extra 15 minutes of productivity per person every day is worth $100k pa in a business of 50 staff
  • Improved efficiency
    Improved efficiency delivers similar financial benefits – from more reliable and faster internet access and reduced IT administration
  • Reduce IT Admin
    Reduced IT administration and support
  • Reduce Cost
    Time and cost saved from dealing with malware attacks
  • Enhance Performance
    Enhanced internet performance from existing internet links – potentially delaying expensive upgrades

Advanced Threat Protection

CyberHound has developed one of the most advanced sets of multi-layered ‘defence in depth’ security platforms to deliver reliable cybersecurity for businesses. Our platform assists to secure your network as well as protect it from ransomware, malware, zero-day threats, phishing and more.
This platform now sets the benchmark for cybersecurity coupled with the extensive set of additional features that are part of our Advanced Threat Protection Suite.
Download our Advanced Threat Protection Data Sheet below:

Download Data Sheet

Productivity Benefits Calculator (annual costs efficiency):

Staff # 10min/day 20min/day 30min/day
10 $14k $28k $42k
25 $36k $72k $108k
50 $72k $144k $216k
100 $144k $288k $432k
200 $288k $576k $864k

Based on average salary $70k.p.a.

Time saving from:

  • No Internet distractions
  • Reliable Internet services
  • Ease of access to Wi-Fi on any device
  • Social media controls
  • Control of malicious content
  • IT Administration


Unified Threat Management

Secure Web Gateway

Branch Server Secure Web

Feature Sets NG Unified Threat Management Secure Web Gateway Branch Server
NG Firewall
NG Application Control
Reverse Proxy
Traffic Shaping
Internet Authentication
Transparent & Direct Proxy Server
Large Object Cache
Quota Management
URL Filtering
VPN with WAN Optimisation
Network Monitoring
Reporting (Scheduled & Ad hoc)
Email Gateway


Managed Service

CyberHound can provide a Fully Managed Service, saving businesses time and money.

This ensures the platform is optimally managed and any changes are implemented quickly and professionally by the CyberHound team – removing administrative and technical burdens for our customers.

CyberHound provides the Fully Managed Service for customers worldwide.

Find out how we can deploy a customised solution for you below: 

Flexible Deployment Options

The reports generated from the CyberHound Appliance allows me to see what unwanted and potentially malicious material has been blocked, while also providing detailed visibility of the Business’s internet activity.

Dr Neil Hearnden, Arana Hills Medical Centre

Reseller Partners



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The CyberHound Partner Program includes five key elements that help our Partners achieve outstanding results.


  • Market-leading internet compliance and security solutions that enable Partners to add value to their customers
  • Professional training for technical and sales people leading to accreditation (Sales Professionals and Technicians)
  • Profit through lead generation (Sales and Marketing assistance)
  • Accreditation for Partner Organisations (Certified Partners)
  • Sales and Technical Resources

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