An innovative way to protect students who use iPads both at and away from school.

Peace Of Mind Off The School Network 

CyberHound’s RoamSafe tool prevents students from accessing inappropriate material on the device whilst away from school. This means if students need to take an iPad home to complete an activity, the schools online policies remain enforced.

Additional Features


Proven Technology 

CyberHound’s RoamSafe solution works with all iOS 9 devices (when placed in Supervised Mode) and no Global Proxy setting changes are required. 

Our student wellbeing solutions have won international recognition and global awards with our technology being used by hundreds of schools in Australia and overseas. 




Perfect for Primary Schools

iPads are increasingly being used as education tools in school environments, particularly in primary schools where students are being introduced to digital learning using these devices.

RoamSafe can help protect children who use iOS devices from indicators of risk such as self-harm, bullying and predatory behaviour.

Delivers Real Benefits

RoamSafe allows schools to enforce their internet ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ through the iPad whilst providing the ability to enhance student wellbeing with CyberHound’s unique ClearView technology.


  • Same policies at and away from school.
  • Filtering granularity.
  • Accurate web and application filtering.
  • Unique student wellbeing service – ClearView.
  • ‘Time of day’ controls.
  • Enforcement of Google SafeSearch.
  • Reporting and alerting.
  • Ease of deployment.
  • Integrates with MDM tools.
  • Best practice policy framework.
  • Easy to centrally manage.
  • User-based authentication.