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Who is CyberHound?

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Superloop CyberHound is secured by design and offers the most advanced multi-layered cybersecurity solution for schools, backed up by the best support and managed security services. The service also offers unique welfare and efficiency tools for students and staff.

Schools today face ever growing threats from sophisticated cybercriminals including ‘Island Hopping’. 

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Who is CyberHound?

CyberHound is part of Superloop, a leading network provider in Asia Pacific, and together, they can offer schools a single trusted provider for critical connectivity and security services. Combining the power of CyberHound’s security solution with Superloop’s award winning network enables us to deliver schools a full range of education focused internet, security and cloud services.

Superloop’s CyberHound platform supports hundreds of schools globally. Actively securing school networks and protecting students. Watch our video to find out more.

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We recently had a student who brought their laptop into school without realising it had been compromised with cryptoware. The damage could have been irreversible, extremely costly and highly disruptive. However, the CyberHound detected this malware immediately and alerted the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager which seamlessly removed the student’s device from the network.

Adam Ryan Infrastructure & ICT Manager, Ballarat Clarendon College

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Protecting School Networks 

CyberHound has developed one of the most advanced sets of multi-layered ‘defence in depth’ security platforms to deliver reliable cybersecurity for schools. This platform now sets the benchmark for K12 security coupled with the extensive set of additional features within the Unified Threat Management or Secure Web Gateway solutions.

The platform offers Advanced Threat Protection through our following features:

  • Firewall
  • Category Web Filtering
  • Virus & Malware Protection
  • Application Control 
  • Intrusion Prevention 
  • Aruba ClearPass Integration
  • Network Anomaly Detection
  • XGEN Reporting 
  • Data Privacy Protection
  • Secure Appliance Platform
  • Managed Security Services 
  • Support 

Check out our video discussing how our technology integrations have helped to extend school network security capabilities in a real use case. Learn more about our Aruba ClearPass integration below. 

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9 Layers of Security 

The CyberHound platform’s security services are updated multiple times daily, in real-time, using zero-interruption push technology together with the world’s leading cloud-based services for malicious web attack protection. Plus all of our services are developed, delivered, supported and managed from Australia. This ensures we have full control over the service delivery and have no risks on data sovereignty.