Who is CyberHound?

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A Unique Learning Enablement and Cybersafety Solution for K-12 Schools

Over the last 20 years, CyberHound has developed the most comprehensive learning enablement solution for schools that has become the benchmark in Australia and overseas.

Who is CyberHound?

As technology becomes more integral to our children’s future, ensuring they can learn in a safe and productive environment becomes more and more challenging. Protecting your school community from a growing number of cyber threats including malicious websites, cyberbullying and predatory behaviour requires a comprehensive solution specifically designed for the 21st century.

At CyberHound, we provide industry-leading cybersecurity and learning enablement services.
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 Solutions for Australian Schools.

CyberHound provides schools with the ability to get ahead and stay ahead –
seeing threats before they escalate, managing costs before they balloon and enabling better decision making.

20 yrs
industry experience

Over this time, CyberHound has developed intelligent technology that optimises internet performance and protects students.

of local & international schools

As the largest provider of education-focused solutions in Australia, we offer trusted solutions to K-12 schools.