Disaster Recovery

CyberHound delivers a highly resilient service to schools to ensure maximum
up-time, backed by Managed Services and Support team experts

Reassurance for Schools

CyberHound recognises that the internet is a critical tool for teaching, learning and collaboration in schools. As such, our solution is designed to provide the highest level of support and resilience available.

CyberHound’s appliances are manufactured by Lenovo and use the highest quality components. We offer a range to choose from that offers increasing redundancy to avoid single points of failure.

We also offer a Disaster Recovery back-up appliance (software or hardware) for customers requiring the highest level of protection. This coupled with 24×7 heartbeat monitoring, automated policy and configuration back-up services provide the final components of a highly resilient service for schools.


Reassurance extends beyond the hardware appliance to include the ability to utilise more than one internet link to reduce any reliance on a single fibre connection.

The CyberHound PipePlus service manages multiple links effectively and ensures that any failure of a link does not take the school off-line.


Performance & Reliabilty

CyberHound’s highly resilient platforms and support services provide schools with reassuramce on performance and reliability

High Performance Appliance Platforms

CyberHound offers customers a complete range of customised, purpose built appliance platforms. These platforms are Lenovo high performance servers and offer the option to provide the ultimate resilience in our i-R2 series platform.

Features include:

  • Dual Hex Core Xeon CPUs
  • Hardware RAID 1
  • Hot-swap redundant dual high performance drives
  • Hot-swap redundant dual power supplies
  • Hot-swap redundant dual fan modules
  • Multiple network interface cards
  • Integrated Remote Diagnostics Management Module, supporting out of band access

Performance & Reliability

CyberHound’s highly resilient platforms and support services provide schools with reassurance on performance and reliability.

Hardware Platform Range


The CyberHound appliance is very reliable. It sits in our network and doesn’t miss a beat. It provides us with the information we need to do our job well.

Steve Maunsell, ICT Manager, Canberra Grammar School