Digital Citizenship

CyberHound helps students develop positive online behaviour and become
responsible digital citizens by providing immediate feedback and giving
students tools to monitor their own behaviour

A Digital Guardian for Students

Schools are now able to embrace internet-based teaching and learning resources with the peace of mind that students are guided to improve their online behaviour using CyberHound’s unique cybersafety and welfare tools.

CyberHound’s platform has been built specifically for schools and utilises unique features designed in consultation with schools and professional advisors. These solutions provide the key ingredients to assist students in developing positive online conduct – immediate feedback for inappropriate behaviour, real-time reports for students (LiveView) and links to supporting resources.

Managing Online Risk

CyberHound can assist students in using appropriate web content as well as learning how to communicate online, enabling schools to safely integrate tools such as Twitter and Facebook into communication and learning.

CyberHound has provided us with the tools to engage students in new ways of learning, while ensuring social media use is managed appropriately.

Jenny Mill Student Welfare Coordinator, Melbourne High School

Digital Citizenship Benefits:

  • ClearView technology
    CyberHound’s digital citizenship platform uses its patented ClearView technology and its advanced web and application filtering technology
  • Best practice implementation
    A best practice implementation helps schools implement the solution, with ease of customisation and support from CyberHound advisors.
  • Help enforce support
    The solution helps schools enforce the principles of student respect and support for each other
  • Acceptable use policies
    Acceptable use policies for all internet use, communication and bullying can be enforced through self-learning and student reports (LiveView)
  • Reduced workload
    The solution helps reduce the workload of professional welfare officers in schools by helping students manage their own behaviour and learn from mistakes
  • Evidence-based triggers
    Serious behavioural issues can be quickly escalated to school leaders, providing evidence-based triggers to act on
  • Student Welfare platform
    Vulnerable or at-risk students can be monitored more closely using the Student Welfare platform
  • Prevent bullying
    Customised protection can also be implemented to prevent bullying of staff or reputational damage for the school

Melbourne_High_School_(Victoria)_LogoExample of Digital Citizenship Enablement

Melbourne High School used the platform to engage students in creating a modern adaptation of a Shakespearean play – using a Facebook wall and students posting for their character.

The results included learning enablement and benefits in the students’ learning. In addition the school found the student wellbeing capabilities beneficial in identifying risks such as self-harm and vulnerability to inappropriate online content.


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Reduces the workload for school leader

CyberHound’s Digital Citizenship platform reduces the workload for school leaders by helping students develop better online behaviour through self-learning and LiveView reports. 

Serious issues are still escalated for additional support and action as necessary. 

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We have a very firm policy on bullying and we are delighted to have the ability to pick this up and even identify the victims of cyberbullying using the unique CyberHound Student Welfare Service.

Greg Mattiske Deputy Principal, Suncoast Christian College