Available for installation by the support team. 1 August 2019 Enhancements Intrusion Prevention System Added a greylist for network addresses to be excluded from being blacklisted by the Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). Any malicious traffic from such endpoints will be dropped, but legitimate traffic is unaffected. Resolutions Intrusion Prevention System Improved the performance of […] Available for installation by the support team. 1 July 2019 Major Feature Release Version Introduces an all new Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) with enhanced network protections and network data. This feature set requires the CyberHound UTM module set. Enhancements Intrusion Prevention System A new flow based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) has been implemented […] Available for installation. 31 May 2019 Enhancements Access Policies Added support for Bing Safesearch enforcement using the DNS method. This allows Safesearch to be enforced for the Bing search engine when HTTPS inspection is disabled. Certificates You can now generate Certificate Signing Requests (for creating an intermediate CA to use for HTTPS inspection) from […] Available for installation by the support team. 10 April 2019 Enhancements Authentication Improved the scalability and performance of Internet Authentication service to provide a significant increase to the number of new authenticated user sessions per minute. Web Proxy Optimised resource use of the Web Proxy to provide a modest stability increase under heavy load. […] Available for installation by the support team. 14 March 2019 Enhancements Authentication Added a new Authenticaton plugin to faciltate the use of a UPN (User-Principal-Name) with Internet Auth rather than samAccountName. This can be enable via Configuration > Authentication > Add Authentication Plugin. UPN is currently not supported on RoamSafe Agents or Direct Proxy. […] Available for installation by the support team. 1 March 2019 Enhancements Authentication CyberHound local User Accounts now support Google Oauth for use with the ChromeSafe Extension. A Google mail addresses may now placed in Edit User > Primary Email Address field and be included as part of the CSV upload facility. Logging The retention […]


31.7 Available for installation by the support team. 14 Dec 2018 Major Feature Release Version 31.7 introduces a new dashboard, as well as a portal for students to report bullying and other antisocial behaviour. Dashboard A new dashboard has been introduced offering greater visibility of key data and visualisation customisation enhancements. Group Permissions Added new […]


31.5.3 Available for installation by the support team. 14 December 2018 Enhancements Log Viewer Web Interface log retention increased from the current default of up to 4 weeks to up to 3 years.