31.2.2 Resolutions Reporting Resolved an issue with migrating queries saved that utilise a time range. Reporting Changed the unit of measure within the Interface traffic data source and dashboard to always be Bytes per second. Reporting Added the ability to query specific ports not listed in the suggestions pick list Reporting Improved behaviour when inputting […]


31.2.1 Resolutions Proxy Resolved an issue where the site inspection certificate was regenerated on installation, if a custom certificate was present on the appliance. Reporting Fixed an issue with reporting-based frame redirected pages. Reporting Fixed time graphs in the YouTube Analytics datasource. SNMP Added additional OIDs.


31.2 Binary update to the RoamSafe Agent (reboot required). Resolutions System Resolved an issue where configuration tasks could fail, if the system time was changed through the NTP service during boot up. Email scanning Optimised database resource usage of the Email Scanning service. Enhancements YouTube Video Title Service This feature uses a new CyberHound YouTube […]


31.0.7 Resolutions Firewall Updated intrusion detection signatures. Content Acceleration platform Optimised channel handling.


31.0.6 Resolutions Spam Filtering Resolved an issue where sender white lists were not honoured in all cases. Reporting Rectified a number of  minor issues in query screens and reporting output. Configuration Changes to the Content Scanning > General settings can now are now saved correctly – even if the ClearView module is not installed. Network […] Resolutions Network Configuration Fixed invalid Network Interfaces configurations for appliances installed from the 30.4.3 ISO. Certificate Generator HTTPS inspection certificates can again be generated without an existing inspection certificate. Enhancements Certificate Check Updated instructions for installing the BYOD certificate on iOS devices.


31.0.5 Resolutions Reporting Resolved an issue that could result in an incorrect display of ClearView query results in reports Reporting Resolved an issue causing certain queries migrated from 30.x to fail Enhancements IKEv2 Remote Access Enhance online help information Configuration Ensure appliance configuration is valid after an update. Resolutions BYOD Certificate Installation Resolved an issue where Chrome version 57 would not detect that the SSL Inspection certificate had been installed correctly