30.2.6 New Features and Enhancements Item Details Proxy Improved performance of HTTPS certificate handling. Web Filtering Improved performance of categorisation local database updates. Problem Resolutions Firewall Resolved an issue where blacklisting alerts were not sent under certain circumstances. Web Interface Resolved an issue where the Bridge Mode configuration page was not accessible in certain configurations.


30.2.5 New Features and Enhancements Item Details Proxy Improved performance and scalability. Roamsafe Added a watchdog function to the Roamsafe Agent configuration manager. Roamsafe Increased performance of Roamsafe Agent configuration updates. Problem Resolutions Roamsafe iOS Allow access to LAN for Roamsafe iOS. Roamsafe iOS Resolve UI issue with configuration of Roamsafe iOS VPN subnet. New Features and Enhancements Item Details ClearView Enhancement to ClearView to better handle the Microsoft Lync and Google Hangouts platforms. Problem Resolutions Database Adjust some database maintenance tasks to better manage load.


30.2.4 Problem Resolutions Item Details Performance Several enhancements have been implemented to improve system performance and reliability. Proxy Resolved an issue around policy application in direct proxy configurations with disabled SSL inspection.

Athena: 30.0

30.2.3 New Features and Enhancements Item Details YouTube Cache Added support for IE11 on Windows 7. Problem Resolutions Webmail Added support for larger numbers of email folders. Firewall New 1:1 NAT rules could not be created in 30.2.x releases. Proxy Logs Proxy logs appear truncated. This was caused by incorrectly formatted log entries preventing any […]

Mercury: 29.0

29.6.9 Item Type Details YouTube Cache Enhancement Updates to the YouTube cache for the latest YouTube changes. These are major changes requiring a full update. This update will also re-enable YouTube caching automatically if it was automatically disabled due to issues with the changes several days ago. 29.6.8 Item Type Details Large Object Cache Resolution […]

Perseus: 28.0

28.15 Item Type Details Web Interface Enhancement For customers who have the Netbox web interface on the public internet, prevent the use of SSL cyphers that are venerable to the POODLE SSL attack. This is also enforced for traffic traversing the HTTPS web proxy. Customers on release 29.5 or later also already have this applied. […]