31.7.9 Available for installation. 8 October 2020 Enhancements Web Filtering A new, larger Web Categorization database has been implemented to provide enhanced local URL Categorization, reducing cloud lookups and improving performance for customers with CyberHound HR2 hardware. Resolutions Classroom Control Resolved an issue with Classroom Control that resulted in some YouTube videos (specifically those using […]


31.7.8 3 August 2020 Enhancements Content Scanning The ClearView instant messaging client scanning feature for scanning legacy XMPP based applications has been deprecated. Resolutions Classroom Control Resolved an issue where classroom controls were not working as intended for users logged in with their User Principal Name (UPN). Web Proxy Resolved an issue between the Classroom […]


31.7.7 6 July 2020 Enhancements NGFW Improved Access Policy performance for custom domain lists containing regular expressions. Internet Auth A new Pass-Through authentication method has been added to support enhanced Single Sign On integrations with Fortigate devices. Information on how to configure the Pass-Through method can be found in help article ID:151013 Classroom Control When […] 2 June 2020 Enhancements Advanced Firewall Added support for handling private IP ranges as part of GeoIP Blocking. Core System Security improvements. Web Proxy Resolved an issue where the Web Proxy for customers using External Integrations (e.g. SEQTA, SchoolBox) would occasionally break displaying Scanner Communication Error. PipePlus Improved dead link detection on busy sites […]


31.7.6 2 April 2020 Enhancements Port Forwards Improved performance and handling of port forwards with large port ranges configured. Certificates The Generate Server Cert feature under Configuration > SSL Certificates will now create certificates which are valid for no longer than 397 days. Resolutions ChromeSafe Resolved an issue with server side timeouts that would result […]


31.7.5 Binary update to the RoamSafe agent for Mac (reboot required). 28 February 2020 Enhancements Advanced Firewall Updated the help articles for configuring the Intrusion Prevention System. Remote Syslog Added support for both plaintext and encrypted syslog on the same port using the remote syslog feature Core Platform Improved system stability and security. Resolutions Advanced […]


31.7.4 21 January 2020 Enhancements Advanced Firewall GeoIP blocking no longer requires the Rule-Based IPS engine. Reporting Improved performance of YouTube Analytics queries. Resolutions ClearView Resolved an issue where ClearView events were being deleted using the time for Email Monitoring events, rather than their configured time. Web Proxy Resolved an issue where certificates were being […]


31.7.3 29 October 2019 Enhancements Port Forwards Added a new log view for connections triggering port forward and 1:1 NAT Advanced Firewall rules. You can access the enhanced logs via Administration > View Logs > Port Forwarding. Remote Logging Added the ability to ship port forward and 1:1 NAT connection logs to third party syslog […]