petya ransomware

Petya ransomware targeting Australia

The discovery of another ransomware virus, Petya, on top of the recent ‘WannaCry’ virus has highlighted the vulnerability of critical information and the importance of taking steps to protect your data. The latest strain of the Petya ransomware started propagating on June 27th, infecting many organisations. Similar to WannaCry, Petya uses the Eternal Blue exploit as one […]

CyberHound at APF Event

Supporting the Australian Principals’ Federation

Last week CyberHound Director of Marketing and Communications, Tony Dempsey, had the privilege to attend and present at the Australian Principals’ Federation (APF) AGM Event in Melbourne on Thursday 13 October. 

Trojanisches Pferd

What Would You Do?

Imagine you’re a Principal at a large school. The ICT Manager rushes into your office in a panicked state…

Is it raining?

Pain. Risk. Failure.

Pain. Risk. Failure. The 3 things we need to protect children from… Or do we?