Uniting Church and CyberHound

Uniting Church Schools to Benefit from Unique Cybersafety Technology

CyberHound is pleased to announce its support for Uniting Church in Australia (Queensland Synod) in a partnership that will help deliver enhanced online control, consistency and student welfare support for schools across its network.

John Fison, CyberHound CEO said, “CyberHound offers a unique pastoral care and digital citizenship enablement solution that provides a range of tools and features to help support students. We are committed to enhancing student wellbeing through better visibility and evidence to help protect students and enable timely support to those in need”.

Uniting Church schools and colleges have been established to help deliver a particular value system through the education, nurture and support of young people and their families and communities.


quotatoin-marks-01With many schools already using CyberHound, we now have the opportunity to help schools across our network.quotatoin-marks-02


Mark Bensley, Executive Officer, Uniting Church in Australia (Queensland Synod) Schools and Residential Colleges Commission continues, “CyberHound empowers schools by providing greater control of their online environments while helping overcome unique challenges they might be experiencing. More broadly, they can help support our unique value system across our school network”.

CyberHound is able to provide exclusive benefits to Uniting Church schools in the following ways:

  • – Access to unique cybersafety and behavioural analytics technology
  • – Special pricing for member schools
  • – Consistency of policy across member schools
  • – Complimentary Digital Risk Assessments, providing schools with a comprehensive risk analysis across 5 distinct areas:
    •      – Internet performance
    •      – ICT cost risks
    •      – Student wellbeing
    •      – Digital citizenship
    •      – Risk mitigation

CyberHound is the leading innovator in cybersafety and digital learning enablement technologies in Australia and the largest education-focused provider of its kind in Australia.

To find out how your school can benefit from this partnership please call Joel Blaney, Regional Manager, on 1300 737 060, or contact

Download the announcement here.