Combined Technology = Better Protection 🔐

Schools have never before faced greater cybersecurity threats. The explosion of devices on their network, the rise in IoT and cloud services and the low barriers to entry for cyber criminals pose massive and growing risks. This risk is further exacerbated by ‘Island Hopping’ cyber crime.  How do schools navigate this?  Join Superloop CyberHound and […]


Top Tips for Schools Providing Secure Remote Access

Schools are doing their part to prevent the spread of Coronavirus by mandating home schooling for all students across Australia. To do so safely, without exposing their networks and home schoolers to cyber risks, schools should follow certain best practices to make sure digital assets are just as secure as they would be on campus. […]


Not all web filters are created equal

A secure and intelligent web filter is crucial in ensuring your school network is protected. Superloop CyberHound breaks down what you need to know about web filters.

Student Devices

The importance of cybersecurity

The recent ransomware attacks affecting some Australian schools has highlighted the strategic importance of schools having robust security mechanisms in place. In addition to the attacks Christian Schools Australia’s preferred security and filtering technology partner, CyberHound, have indicated that schools are facing other targeted threats. From an apparently legitimate email sent by the Business Manager asking […]

Phone Ban

Why School Phone Bans Don’t Work

Recently some schools have been trialling a ban of all phones when students are at school in order to bolster cyber security and lessen online bullying. But cyber security expert, Jordan Foster, of ySafe has a different perspective and thought process when it comes to an all out ban. ySafe, certified by the Office of […]

Virtual Reality

New Year, New Tech!

Technology is constantly evolving, and there are new products added to the market almost every hour. How are you to know what is the best out there to suit your School’s needs? It can take some time and lots of research to seperate the cream from the crop and envision the practical use for the […]

SID 2019

Safer Internet, Together

Safer Internet Day (SID) is a worldwide event, initiated by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, which aims to raise awareness about internet safety while empowering individuals of all ages and communities through effective use of skills and tools to help create a more positive online experience. SID 2019 will be held globally on Tuesday […]