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Cyber Bullying more Concerning than Playground Bullying

With over half the of Aussie parents allowing children to access the internet before the age of 11, cyber bullying is becoming an increasingly concerning possibility for kids. 

Norton have released the Family Edition of their Cyber Security Insights Report which encourages parents to openly discuss issues likely issues such as cyberbullying with their kids and gives us an insight into what parents are thinking in this space.

quotatoin-marks-01Children today face threats beyond physical violence or face-to-face encounters.quotatoin-marks-02

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On top of that parents were concerned their kids might download a virus, disclose too much information online or be lured into meeting a stranger in the physical world.

And it wasn’t just about the individuals, parents worry kids will do something that could make the whole family vulnerable, embarrass them or even hurt future job or university prospects.


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