Welcome Page – Sys Admin Info Sheet

Welcome Page Access via: Internet Auth > Welcome Page All users can be redirected to a welcome page when they first attempt to access the internet. If the welcome page is enabled, all users will be redirected to it when making network requests according to options configured here. Enable – tick box to enable Display […]

ClearView – Data Analytics via Queries

ClearView – Data Analytics via Queries The following illustrates how a user with permission to access ClearView results can view and modify data. A CyberHound System Administrator manages staff access and permissions. (Sys Admin refer to website knowledge base for info to set permissions and manage the reporting) TOPICS Access to Review Queries Define requirements […]

XGEN Reporting – User Guide

XGEN Reporting – User Guide 3 Easy Steps: Define – Design – Deliver CyberHound’s XGEN Reporting provides System Administrators with a modern platform with streamlined reporting functionality.   These Reporting functions are consolidated to one area with one click to the top data sources. ‘Queries’ accesses all the data sources for analytics, modify and save. […]

Classroom Control – User Guide

Classroom Control – User Guide Classroom Control makes it simple for teachers to organise all their digital content to enhance the student experience.  Any web content is always checked to ensure it is safe and appropriate and they don’t need to rely on IT managers to assist with lesson creation and delivery.   This User Guide for […]

Dashboard Configuration – System Admin

Dashboard Configuration for System Admin The dashboard offers greater visibility of key data and visualisation customisation enhancements.  The following provides the steps to configure and provide access for different user groups. Default Views There are three default dashboards available to choose for the Home Page. Select from the drop-down list and choose how to display. […]

LiveZone – SpeakUp for Students

LiveZone – SpeakUp for Students SpeakUp is easy to complete and allows you to share incidents or concerns privately with the school leadership teams. Don’t worry, no record of your submissions are kept or visible in this interface. Access – SpeakUp is available via the icon on navigation sidebar in LiveZone. Submission form – complete […]

SpeakUp – Sys Admin Info Sheet

SpeakUp – System Admin Info SpeakUp is available, within the LiveZone portal, to allow students to privately share concerns or incidents.  Users with access to SpeakUp are presented with options to select, which helps to provide key information clearly and offers fields to say it in their own words.   These concerns are then provided to […]

ClearView – Data Analytics Queries (Video)

ClearView – Data Analytics – Queries The ClearView Welfare Report provides data to review patterns that standout or results that warrant further investigation. Access Queries directly from reports to easily investigate and drill-down or modify for further visibility on activity. View real-time data or choose specific time periods, select single user or groups of users. […]

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