Classroom Control – Student Experience (Video)

Classroom Control – Student Experience Using Classroom Control is as simple as typing the code provided by the teacher for students. The school’s internet usage polices are still enforced and now the teachers content is available for the lesson. If a teacher has blocked other access, trying to search will result in the site being […]

Classroom Control – User Guide (Video)

Classroom Control – User Guide Classroom Control makes it simple for teachers to create and manage all their digital content. Teachers have the flexibility to manage the student experience and access in the classroom. Any web content is always checked to ensure it is safe and appropriate and they don’t need to rely on IT […]

Principals Talk

Welcome to Principals Talk

CyberHound is proud to support Principals Talk, an initiative from the Australian Principals Federation (APF). Principals Talk aims to give School Principals across Australia a strong, united and focused voice.