Ransomware Attacks

Threat only getting worse

Ransomware is not going away, according to a new study from US-based security outfit Arctic Wolf Networks. FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that a total of 2,453

Trojanisches Pferd

What Would You Do?

Imagine you’re a Principal at a large school. The ICT Manager rushes into your office in a panicked state…

Is it raining?

Pain. Risk. Failure.

Pain. Risk. Failure. The 3 things we need to protect children from… Or do we?

Women Talking Friendship Studying Brainstorming Concept

CyberHound Helps Protect Australian Schools from Pornography Rings

Recent news of pornography rings trying to infiltrate Australian schools to exploit students is extremely concerning, but unfortunately not new. Over 10 years ago, CyberHound identified this emerging issue and developed a unique technology called ClearView to help Australian schools protect students from predators. Since then, ClearView has evolved significantly. It can now deliver immediate […]

Gaming kids

Online gaming may boost school scores but social media is wasted time, study suggests

In what could be music to the ears of many parents, teenagers who regularly play online games are more likely to get better school scores, an Australian study suggests. Research released from RMIT University has found gaming helps boost results in maths, science and reading. But researchers said scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or chat sites […]

Parkachu Thumbnail

‘Catch ’em all’ Safely with Canberra Grammar’s students’ app – Parkachu

Canberra Grammar School students create app for Pokemon Go hunters to ‘catch ’em all’ safely Three year 10 students from Canberra Grammar School worked tirelessly over 46 hours to create an app for GovHack 2016 event called “Parkachu,” which encourages Pokemon Go hunters to play safely by combining data from the popular smartphone app with […]