Let’s Talk About SEXting

Teenagers today are comfortable sharing their lives online. Whether it’s posting photos, updating their Facebook statuses or sending countless texts, they seem to thrive in this new “always connected” culture. But sometimes being just a click away from others can have disastrous results. Sexting is an example of how one click can come back to […]


How to stop YouTube consuming your internet bandwidth, without blocking it

If you find it difficult to manage internet bandwidth and cost in your home or business, you’re not alone. The ever-increasing integration of new technologies into existing business environments is increasing the demand on existing systems in terms of both delivery (speed) and reliability (crash prevention).   This is no more evident than in school environments, […]

CyberHound, formerly Netbox Blue

Netbox Blue changes name to CyberHound

Welcome to a new Era… We would like to let you know of some exciting changes for our business and a new company name. In late December we sold some of our Intellectual Property to Bloomberg L.P. It is business as usual for us and we will continue to enhance and develop the full platform […]