31 May 2019 Enhancements Access Policies Added support for Bing Safesearch enforcement using the DNS method. This allows Safesearch to be enforced for the Bing search engine when HTTPS inspection is disabled. Certificates You can now generate Certificate Signing Requests (for creating an intermediate CA to use for HTTPS inspection) from the Certificate page […] Available for installation by the support team. 4 December 2018 Enhancements Access Policies The default Access Policy configuration has been updated to reflect best practice in security configuration. This can be accessed when adding access policies via the Setup Wizard if required Resolutions Roamsafe VPN Resolved an issue where changes to which subnets have […] Available for installation by the support team. 11 September 2018 Resolutions Network Monitoring Resolved an issue where users watching malformed video content or changing groups at an inopportune time would cause Network Monitoring to not show some events, which caused incongruities with Quota. Available for installation by the support team. 11 May 2018 Enhancements Domain Names As part of a system wide DNS upgrade, a new domain chsecure.zone has been introduced. The new domain will serve the CyberHound web interface sitekey.chsecure.zone and additional services such as VPN host names. The current safenetbox.biz will be deprecated in a […]


31.4.2 Available for installation by the support team. 7 December 2017 Enhancements Authentication Active Directory Passthru Authentication can process RADIUS accounting records sent by Cisco ISE via syslog. Roamsafe Agent User interface to allow managing MS Windows 8/10 application exclusions. Resolutions Authentication Resolved an issue that prevented reordering of authentication plugins. Web Interface Fix an […]