31 May 2019
Access Policies Added support for Bing Safesearch enforcement using the DNS method. This allows Safesearch to be enforced for the Bing search engine when HTTPS inspection is disabled.
Certificates You can now generate Certificate Signing Requests (for creating an intermediate CA to use for HTTPS inspection) from the Certificate page under Configuration > SSL Certificates.
Web Interface Resolved an issue where web UI was not immediately available on newly added local IP addresses.
Web Interface Resolved an issue with the System Analysis dashboard widget that incorrectly displayed alert counts.
Web Interface Resolved an issues with the Active Directory configuration group filters that could result in user group membership being displayed incorrectly within “update and test settings” page. It will now only show members of the filtered groups.
Web Interface Fixed an issue that resulted in the web management interface to be inaccessible when a custom LiveZone domain name was configured.
Certificates Resolved an issue where LAN-side clients accessing the web management interface using were incorrectly served the SSL certificate for
Networking Resolved an issue where disabling the WebUI on the Internet interface did not apply correctly when the device CyberHound was moved to bridge mode.
IPSec Resolved an issue where Active Directory passthrough authentication failed if there is a broken IPsec connection.
Logging Resolved an issue that could incorrectly display “hash is full” errors in IPS logs.
Logging Resolved an issue that could incorrectly display blacklisting in the IPS logs when Bruteforce detection was disabled.
Reverse Proxy Resolved an issue reverse-proxying to Active Directory Federated Services endpoints.
Internet Auth Resolved an issue for iOS devices where showing the certificate installer page in the Captive Portal Detection environment would incorrectly record that the device has the certificate installed.

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