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The Driving Force Behind Cybersecurity

In today’s automotive industry reputation, customer satisfaction and staff productivity are paramount to success. Most importantly, if your business is not trusted it will suffer. Just as you would not leave a customer’s car unlocked or leave their keys lying around it is equally important to ensure your online business environment is protected. Securing important data, including customers’ personal details, with the latest next generation cybersecurity technology is imperative.

Today digital security is much more than a locked front door or boom gate across a driveway, it’s about having the technological controls in place to mitigate risks and optimise your business performance. Recent research in Australia showed:

  • 85% of Australian companies have experienced a cyber attack – with 33% being successfully breached,
  • 91% of cyber attacks occur due to malicious emails,
  • 60% of SMEs that have experienced a successful cyber attack are forced out of business within 6 months,
  • 94% of Australian companies feel vulnerable to data threats,
  • In the first 2 months of 2016, 224,000 ransomware attacks hit Australian businesses causing financial and reputational damage,
  • Approximately 200,000 new variants of malware are generated every day,
  • The “insider threat” is growing – data loss/leakage or malicious activity from within the company network.


This affects every business operating online. The Australian Census website attack in August 2016 showed the vulnerability of all websites. It especially highlights the impact of reputational damage and the loss of public trust resulting from a Denial of Service (DoS) attack that took the website down for days.

The reality is cyber-crime is on the increase. With the methods and tactics of malicious activity ever more sophisticated and continually evolving, cybersecurity has become a key priority for Automotive Dealerships. To ensure adequate protection of their networks Automotive Dealerships need to consider cybersecurity solutions that:

  • Protect against security threats – i.e. malicious emails, DoS, etc,
  • Protect against costly and time-consuming ransomware threats and malware incidents,
  • Deliver next generation firewall technology – preventing unauthorized breaches to their network, and
  • Enable them to embrace new applications, such as social media, without the fear of leaving their businesses vulnerable.

Pentana Solutions have worked alongside CyberHound for over 10 years to deliver leading edge cybersecurity solutions to its customers. Customers using the technology are benefiting from a managed security service that addresses the issues above and also delivers the following features:

  • Reduction in administration costs for IT staff,
  • Easy to implement solutions for the “insider threat”,
  • Enhanced productivity for staff through reliable internet access,
  • Transparency and controls for management over staff internet use,
  • Protection against illegal and costly internet activity on the dealer network – e.g. downloading movies,
  • Customised and easy to use reports for Dealer Principals – providing visibility to what is happening on their network.

To find out more or to understand the insider threat in more detail, contact your Pentana Solutions account manager or Mark DiMuzio at CyberHound on 1300 737 060.

Or for further information on how CyberHound works with Pentana Solutions please refer to our below datasheets – 

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