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Circle with Disney versus Apple control

Apple has announced a ‘management tool’ which it hopes will help customers take control of the time they spend on their iPhones or iPads. iOS 12 comes with Screen Time, a new feature which Apple says empowers customers with insight into how they are spending time with apps and websites.

Reports can be provided on a daily and weekly basis showing the total time users are spending in each app and categories of apps. It also shows how many notifications are received and even how often users are picking up their devices.

Limits can be set on the amount of time spent on individual apps or app categories, and on particular websites. Users will receive a notification when the time limit is about to expire.

Parents and carers can access their child’s activity report from their own phone, and are able to set app and website time limits.

Also in iOS12 is another new feature called Downtime, which provides parents with the power to schedule times when their child’s iOS device can’t be used – like bedtime.

Not on iOS12?

While Apple should be applauded for providing its users with such controls, it is important to note that these are only some of the devices and means of accessing the internet.

Consider households that have older Apple devices not supported by iOS 12 and those with Android devices. In fact there are all kinds of devices in our homes – tablets, smartphones, laptops, TVs and more. Circle with Disney is the simple solution to manage them all, stay in the know with what children are up to, and enable families to hopefully find some balance at home.

Circle with Disney pairs with the home Wi-Fi and enables management of every connected device on the network, both wireless and wired. This includes setting BedTime for weekdays and weekends, OffTime for needed quiet moments during the day and even a Pause button for the internet.

Age appropriate filters can also be set up that apply to all of the child’s devices, while rewards can be given to the child when they’ve been good.

Away from the home network, Circle Go takes all the settings that devices have at home and extends them to 4G LTE and any other Wi-Fi network joined.

So while the new controls from Apple for its own newer devices are good, the internet enablement provided by Circle for the whole household (and beyond), give families true control and clarity over what should happen online – on all devices.

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