Resolutions Network Configuration Fixed invalid Network Interfaces configurations for appliances installed from the 30.4.3 ISO. Certificate Generator HTTPS inspection certificates can again be generated without an existing inspection certificate. Enhancements Certificate Check Updated instructions for installing the BYOD certificate on iOS devices. Resolutions BYOD Certificate Installation Resolved an issue where Chrome version 57 would not detect that the SSL Inspection certificate had been installed correctly Resolutions Email Resolved an issue where archived mail was not deleted if there was a very large number of emails to be removed. Email Improved handling of messages very close to the maximum email scanning size. Configuration Fixed form validation for custom DHCP options. Configuration Corrected an issue with saving CONNECT proxy settings with local […] Improvements VPN Improved detection of stale connections in Remote Access and RoamSafe VPNs. VPN Improved performance of site to site VPN connections. Firewall Improved performance of Intrusion Protection System. Resolutions VPN Resolved an issue where VPNs did not work as expected when used in certain load balancing configurations. Configuration Corrected an issue where changes to the Welcome Page configuration were not applied as expected. Email Addressed a compatibility issue with the Thunderbird email client. Enhancements Upgrade Optimized the removal of swap space. Resolutions Configuration Resolved an issue where a factory reset did not reset the network configuration correctly. Configuration Corrected an issue where some configuration changes did not persist under certain circumstances.


30.4.5 Enhancements IPsec Performance and stability improvements. Resolutions Internet Quotas Correct an issue with incorrect quota allocation when quota configuration changed. Configuration Resolved an issue that prevented users from selecting a custom intermediate SSL inspection certificate via the UI. Backup/Restore Ensure that the selected time zone is set correctly when restoring configuration.