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Australia’s largest companies under daily cyber attack

Australia’s largest companies and key government agencies are under daily cyber attack, with 90 per cent of businesses and ­departments having been targeted for industrial espionage, hacking or security breaches in the past year. And more than half have fallen victim to successful attacks that have shut down or compromised network and data systems.

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A report by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, the first to assess the scale of private and public sector cyber attacks, advises that the cyber threat remais ever present with organisations facing numerous malicious cyber threats daily.

They also note that through spear phishing emails along, organisations are affected up to hundreds of times a day.

The ASCS, a collaboration of intelligence and security agencies including the Australian Signals Directorate, the Defence Intelligence ­Organisation, ASIO and the Australian Federal Police, ­revealed the issue elevated to “boardroom” level of Australia’s leading firms.

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