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Transforming Vs Enhancing

One of the biggest challenges facing education institutions today is understanding what technology will provide the  best learning outcomes for students.

The barrage of new technology available for schools combined with limited budgets makes the decision for schools difficult. They need to know what’s (modern) best practice, their unique requirements and what’s going to give them the best outcome.

  • We want children to be utilise social media but keep them protected from cyberbullying.
  • We want to encourage imagination and exploration but encourage self-regulation and digital citizenship.
  • We want children to have access to global information while keeping minimising distraction.

Jackie Gerstein’s infographic is a great example of the many skills of today’s modern learner. The reality is, only by understanding the needs of modern learners can modern trainers succeed.

The SAMR Model for Technology Integration by Sylvia Duckworth, demonstrates how transforming the way people learn ultimately changes the game – seeing more to do more let’s us redefine how we do things.

People want to learn. They spend their own money doing it. Give them a better option!

History tells us that enhancement will often leads to complete transformation – at some point someone decides to make that step and reinvent the way we do something, replacing all of those smaller things done the lead-up.

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