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The Emoji Movie prompts cybersafety awareness call

This week’s release of  Sony Pictures The Emoji Movie has prompted a reminder of the harmful presence of cyberbullying and a call to be aware of negative emoji use.

Leading cybersafety solutions provider CyberHound is encouraging families and school leaders to be aware that emojis aren’t just a series of icons, they are also a coded language with a variety of meanings.

quotatoin-marks-01Sending an emoji could lead to great anxiety and harm, as can receiving icons with sexual connotations.quotatoin-marks-02

“The act of sending a pistol, syringe or knife emoji could lead to great anxiety and harm, as can receiving icons with sexual connotations,” Mr Fison said, CEO of CyberHound.

A 2016 study by the Austraian Office of the eSafety Commissioner on cyberbullying found that almost 1,000 teenagers aged 14 to 17 found 19 per cent were cyberbullied this financial year, with 17 per cent of respondents exposed to inappropriate content online.

CyberHound’s award winning cybersafety solutions enable schools to detect the harmful use of words, phrases and even seemingly innocuous emojis.


quotatoin-marks-01We enable educators with powerful tools to help prevent bullying and identify those at risk; perpetrators and victims.quotatoin-marks-02


The Australian technology company is set to add the LiveZone Portal to its suite of innovative features. This additional and complimentary feature provides teachers with total control over in-class internet use. LiveZone increases productivity in the classroom, and empowers educators with a clear oversight of recent and real-time online activity for individual students. LiveZone will also allow students to better manage their own internet experience.

Contact us for more information on how we can assist your Welfare Team and other to protect students and kids when online. 

Read the full Media Release here.

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