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Teens failing to report cyberbullying

One in five teenagers have been bullied online in the past year, a commissioner’s report has found. 

Yet, of those who are bullied, less than half took action.

The survey, ordered by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, comes as the office prepares for its busiest time of the year for cyber-bullying.

The survey of almost 1000 teenagers aged 14 to 17 found 19 per cent were cyberbullied this financial year.

A total of 17 per cent were exposed to inappropriate content online while almost one in 10 were contacted by strangers online. But only 41 per cent did something about it.


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The Office of Children’s eSafety Commissioner will launch Rewrite Your Story, a campaign with short films, blogs, and advice for young people facing cyber-bullying, tomorrow, Wednesday, October 12. Watch the first edition below – Connor’s story:


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