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Students as young as 10 sexting at school

Experts are alarmed that children as young as 10 are regularly sending nude and semi-naked photos of themselves, with some shared widely among classmates.

Dr Carr-Gregg said intimate pictures of young children were commonly uploaded to social media as well as shared via SMS.


quotatoin-marks-01Easy access to internet porn and social media use at younger ages are said to have contributed to the problem. quotatoin-marks-02


“They don’t have the social and emotional maturity to manage their digital footprint,”  says child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, of the National Centre Against Bullying.

“For some kids it is terrible, they get stalked and harassed, with the pictures sent to other people,” she said. “We never would have thought that kids this age would take pictures of themselves nude or in intimate positions. We have to keep playing catch-up.”

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