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LMS Integration – SEQTA System Admin Info Sheet

SEQTA and CyberHound have partnered to provide schools with a fully integrated classroom internet management system, access to LiveZone including Classroom Control and SpeakUp for students.

System Administrators need to create a LiveZone Profile for Teachers and Students to use LiveZone.  Teachers require Web Filtering Override permission to create Classroom Controls.  See LiveZone – System Admin Info sheet for profile configuration and access permissions.

SEQTA Admin Setting

System Administrators access via Control Centre > System > Application Settings.

On the Site settings tab, scroll down to the Netbox field.

SEQTA Application Settings

Add CyberHound Sitekey

Shared Key – add the Pre-shared key from the CyberHound Appliance. Configuration > Web Interface

URL – add sitekey URL address for the CyberHound Appliance. e.g. <sitekey>.safenetbox.biz

CH sitekey to SEQTA

Deploy CyberHound Certificate

Certificate installation differs between different browsers and operating systems. Instructions on our website describe certificate installation within Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Windows. If you are using another browser, download the certificate link available on our website and follow the help provided with your browser.


PLEASE NOTE: This is different to the SSL certificate.

Panel Access

Check SEQTA permissions and enable access to the panel tabs for teachers via STS:SOC & STS:Net

Allows teachers to review web activity within SEQTA student records.

Network history is a basic Network Monitoring query, Social Media is from the ClearView Events queries (if module installed).

SEQTA Panel Acces


Check SEQTA permissions for teachers to access the Student Lesson Links portal.

Allows teachers to create lesson override in the classroom and identify students using the links.

SEQTA iFrame

Find out more about Classroom Control here.

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