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Firms have false confidence in their cybersecurity abilities

An ALM Intelligence survey finds law firms are coming up short in implementing and testing incident response plans and vendor security protections. 

Law firms are increasingly confident in their cybersecurity capabilities, despite many falling short of adequate breach response preparation.


quotatoin-marks-0190 percent of respondents felt attacks against the industry were increasing. quotatoin-marks-02


Despite robust breach incident plans, firms’ confidence in its cybersecurity abilities still belie evidence of breach unpreparedness and vulnerability. Only two-thirds of firms surveyed, after all, had an incident response plan in place, a 7 percent decrease from 2015. In addition, less than half of respondents said they tested their incident response plans, while only 6 percent of firms regularly audited third-party vendors’ security protections and 54 percent do not audit any vendors at all.

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