Breaking point: bullying’s deadly toll

Every day more than 100,000 students in Australia stay at home because they feel unsafe at school and social media is spawning brutal levels of cruelty  among children online.

Kids as young as 12 are being bullied to death. Some services are now reporting up to three suicides a week across the country as a result of the effects of bullying.

Tayla, 13, is one person who knows the impact bullying can have intimately. She has just arrived in Cairns to stay with her grandfather.

Child services deemed the bullying she suffered so severe that she be removed not only from her previous school but the entire town.

“They may be just kids but the tactics that they’re using
are criminal and destroy lives.” 


Each state and territory in Australia has different policies around bullying. Victoria is the only state where bullying is now a punishable crime for minors. There are no laws that specifically deal with cyber bullying as a criminal offence for children in Australia.

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