Password Security

Is Your Password Secure? 

A deep dive into what makes a secure password and why.

Passwords serve a necessary purpose and the inconvenience of having to remember multiple passwords far outweighs the cost of our data getting compromised. Imagine having your money siphoned from your bank accounts, and nefarious entities reading your private conversations…

The problem is that passwords that are easy for humans to remember are typically also easy for a machine to crack. The most widespread methods of making passwords stronger, such as requiring the inclusion of numbers or punctuation characters, or a mix of upper and lower case letters, typically make passwords much harder for users to remember.

So what are some simple steps to take towards more secure passwords?

  • – Don’t give out your password.
  • – Don’t save your password anywhere in cleartext.
  • – Be aware when logging onto computers that you do not control.
  • – If you join an open Wi-Fi network, protect yourself via a VPN service.

We have created a reseach paper, compiled by computer security professionals Christopher Gersch and Dr James Birkett PhD, which explores topics including hashing, password entropy and methods for good password hygiene to help you understand and better create stronger passwords.

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