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LMS Integration – Canvas System Admin Info Sheet

CyberHound’s Classroom Control provides teachers simple functionality to manage digital lesson content and internet access.

CyberHound’s Classroom Control can be added to CANVAS LMS via the Canvas App Centre.

Visit our website for the User Guide for Teachers on how to use Classroom Control.

System Administrators can refer to the System Admin Info Sheet for further information on access and permissions for Teachers and Students.

URL Redirect Tool 

Canvas provides the ability to use the the Redirect Tool from EduApp Center to create Classroom Control functionality into the Canvas interface.


  1. ADD http://lesson.localnetwork.zone/ for re-direct to Canvas interface.
  2. CHOOSE – Enable Course Navigation. Course Navigation will ensure access to the Classroom Control link is available for all courses.
  3. URL – copy the configuration URL link ready to paste into Canvas.

Redirect Tool


Canvas Admin Settings

System Administrators can apply the App for all Courses making it available for all Users.

  1. SETTINGS – choose settings in Admin menu.
  2. SELECT Apps tab and then ‘+App’ to configure.

Admin Settings


Add App

  1. CONFIGURATION – select ‘By URL’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. ENTER – ‘Classroom Control’, the name that will appear in the navigation menu for users into the name field and N/A for Consumer key.
  3. ADD URL – paste the URL link from Edu APP Re-direct Tool into Config URL and ‘SUBMIT’.

Add App

App will now be available in All Courses.

App Added

Course Access

Teachers – select Classroom Control from the Course navigation menu to view all of the lessons they have created.

Teacher View

Students – select Classroom Control from the relevant Course navigation menu and enter the unique Code to access the URL.

Student View



Find out more about Classroom Control here.

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