Caching Services

CyberHound’s unique caching service delivers the most comprehensive
and seamless solution for schools - enhancing internet performance,
reducing data costs and delaying the need to upgrade existing links.

Uniquely designed for Schools

The service helps schools deliver richer content in class, provide complete flexibility to teachers and enhances learning outcomes for students.


In one day we served 1.65TB of data from the CyberHound Cache – this gave massive benefits for the school – a great product.

James Andrewartha Christ Church Grammar School

The Benefits of Caching


CyberHound is able to cache large files used by schools through one simple interface tool.

The Large Object Cache seamlessly scans the school network for files to cache including e-books, Microsoft and Adobe software updates, YouTube, iOS updates, App Store downloads and much more!


  • Support for large files used by schools today
  • YouTube caching service enables video content to be integrated in the classroom without impacting other users
  • Dedicated Caches for Web content, large files and YouTube
  • Simple interface for management
  • Detailed reporting service for cost benefit analysis
  • Seamlessly scans for files to cache once enabled
  • Immediate benefits for school’s internet performance and data costs
  • Prevent expensive internet upgrades
  • A report engine means our customers have access to a cost-benefit analysis

We have seen excellent results from the unique CyberHound caching services. We are serving 70-80% of all internet data from cache – saving about a 50Mbp/s internet link – we are getting great value.

James Tuson John Septimus Roe ACS


3 separate caches

By maintaining 3 separate caches there is zero performance contamination from other caching services – a unique benefit for schools

Ranked # 1

The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies has ranked YouTube the top critical learning tool – proving the need for reliable, fast and inexpensive access to this content in schools.

Large Data Reductions

YouTube content typically consumes 30-70% of a school's overall internet data usage (without caching). After caching this is reduced to 5-10%.

Over 265 supported formats

CyberHound’s YouTube Cache supports over 265 separate formats of YouTube videos. It also supports multiple browser versions and operating systems.

Pre-caching for teachers

Pre-caching allows a teacher to prepare for a lesson and ensure immediate optimal access.

Real-time caching

Real-time caching service delivers content to other users as soon as a YouTube video is being viewed by another user – i.e. the whole video does not have to download to the first user for the benefits to be seen.

YouTube Caching

CyberHound enables schools to leverage YouTube in the classroom while maintaining safe access policies and ensuring reliable access to videos.