Available for installation by the support team. 1 March 2019
Authentication CyberHound local User Accounts now support Google Oauth for use with the ChromeSafe Extension. A Google mail addresses may now placed in Edit User > Primary Email Address field and be included as part of the CSV upload facility.
Logging The retention period for Web Management logs has been extended to 3 years.
Logging Web Management logs may now be shipped to external systems using remote syslog feature under Configuration > Remote syslog.
ChromeSafe Extension The ChromeSafe download link has been added to the ChromeSafe configuration page.
Reporting Added an option to select all columns in the Edit Query screen.
Dashboard Resolved an issue where names on Interface Bandwidth widgets were not being displayed correctly.
Dashboard Resolved an issue where the dashboard did not display correctly when the Appliance was in bridge mode.
Dashboard Resolved an issue that limited the number of available network interfaces for use in dashboard tiles to 6.
Web Interface Resolved an issue that resulted in the Web User Interface being accessible via the public IP despite being set to disabled from the Internet.
Web Interface Resolved an issue which caused sites to present only their leaf SSL certificate, rather than the full certificate chain.
Web Interface Resolved an issue where custom domains configured for the web user interface did not to redirect to https:// correctly.
Reverse Proxy Resolved an issue to improved reverse proxy behaviour with upstream web servers that don’t merge forward slashes.
Reverse Proxy Resolved an issue where sometimes the host name was not being added to the upstream request, resulting in SNI failures.
Reverse Proxy Resolved an issue that could result in broken connections via the reverse proxy where hostnames were very long (
ChromeSafe Extension Resolved an issue that resulted in the ChromeSafe Extension failing when it was unable to retrieve the ChromeSafe whitelist from the Appliance after authentication.

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