Binary update to the RoamSafe Agent (reboot required).

New Features and Enhancements
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Web Filtering Classroom Control gives teachers the reassurance that web content they need to access in class will be available to them and their students, without delay and without having to involve the ICT department. This new feature  allows teachers to:

  • Allow only a few websites (e.g. for exams);
  • Block all internet access for the class; and
  • Control internet access for individual students.

Please review our Release Guide to learn more about this feature.

Proxy Changed the behaviour of CONNECT proxy ports default value to forward only ports 80 and 443.
ClearView Added support for brotli encoding.
Administration Corrected an issue with the formatting of some tcpdump output.
ClearView Resolved an issue with the handling of facebook status or wall posts including images.
BIC Agent Resolved an issue where brotli encoded content was not displayed correctly in the browser.

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