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‘Catch ’em all’ Safely with Canberra Grammar’s students’ app – Parkachu

Canberra Grammar School students create app for Pokemon Go hunters to ‘catch ’em all’ safely

Three year 10 students from Canberra Grammar School worked tirelessly over 46 hours to create an app for GovHack 2016 event called “Parkachu,” which encourages Pokemon Go hunters to play safely by combining data from the popular smartphone app with transport data from the ACT government.

Pokemon Go – the app “Parkachu” is based around – requires users to create an avatar that changes location as the user moves around the real world. The objective is to capture “wild” Pokemon that appear at random as the user moves about.

Inspired by the media attention surrounding the dangers of people driving while playing the game, the students created an app that allows Pokemon Go users to see any Pokemon located near carparks and bus stops, even showing how many car spots are available.

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We’re proud to support Canberra Grammar’s education team with our technology. Read about how Canberra Grammar benefited from our BYOD feature here.




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