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ClearView – User Guide

The ClearView Events User Guide provides a ‘how to’ for each step and an understanding of why they are used or suggested.  Rules, Actions, Queries and Permissions are explained with details on how to create, modify and drill-down.  Discover how the ‘Conditions’ available can be employed to refine results. Learn how to easily build and distribute reports that contain concise and relevant data for recipients.  Identify how the user interface is affected with the different group permission settings. 

ClearView provides behavioural analysis via a process of: 

·     Scanning popular applications.

·     Applying Rules and Actions that meet the school policies.

·     Scanning content for pattern matching to words or phrases as set by the Rules.

·     Collates data for detailed analysis to provide holistic view of the activity.

·     Distributes reporting designed specifically for the user and delivered as required.

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