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Classroom Control – FAQ

Q: How do I stop students from accessing other websites during my class?

A: There are 2 Block options available.

  1. Tick ‘Block all other access’ in the lesson to restrict the student to only the URLs that you have chosen for the class.
  2. Create a lesson with no URLs to block all internet access.

Q: Do I need IT to set up Classroom Control?

A: Once the initial configuration of the CyberHound service is completed, you can simply access from the portal page LiveZone, via the browser, live.localnetwork.zone.

Q: Why can’t I add a link to a whole website/domain?

A: The system default is set to add URLs for specific page on a website. Overriding the Access Policies to allow students to search a website may result in inappropriate content being viewed because students can wander to any part of the website. Your IT System Administrator can change permissions for this if needed.

Q: What’s the ‘Require Confirmation’ option for?

A: Sometimes a teacher has sensitive content and wants to only let students view the URLs when they are ready to share the content.

Q: Why is the link I have chosen still coming up with Access Denied for students?

A: Classroom Control is one of the Access Policies in the hierarchy that allows teachers to override other Policies beneath it. The link may be to a site that has been deemed inappropriate and blocked by a higher priority policy.

Q: Why are the students able to access other links even though I have ticked ‘Block all other access’?

A: Classroom Control is one of the Access Policies in the hierarchy that allows teachers to override other Policies beneath it. It’s possible that an Access Policy with a higher priority than the Classroom Control policy allows access to this webpage.

Q: Why can’t I access Classroom Control?

A: Access is tied to user’s permission as configured in the CyberHound Appliance. Your IT System Administrator will be able to check your Group’s permissions to ensure it has been set up correctly.

Q: What happens if I forget to stop the Classroom Control lesson?

A: The Classroom Control lesson will automatically stop when the duration of the lesson expires. Also the IT System Administrator has access to all users Classroom Control lessons and can stop the lesson if required.

Q: How do I know if students have access to the Classroom Control lesson?

A: When the lesson has started and the students have entered the 4 digit code, select the ‘Accepted Students’ tab and a list of all the students is visible.

Q: How do I release a student during the Classroom Control lesson without disrupting other students?

A: When you hover a student name in the ‘Accepted Students’ tab, you can select the red X beside their name to release them from the lesson. When the ‘Block all other access’ feature is selected for the lesson, then the students can request to leave and a new tab ‘Leaving students’ is visible.

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